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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Level 1 bidders.
    To confirm again - Level 1s bid in their own bracket. They don't bid with higher level users.

    Bidding in general.
    From my own experience in the past days (and the beginning of the new season), I've seen all ends of the spectrum when it comes to bidding wars, just like previous years. :/
    Was able to snatch a couple players for 1T not 10 minutes ago. But yesterday I left 17T for a single player. This doesn't differ from what I usually experienced in the auction when out hunting for talent.

    Again, we're really grateful that all of you are expressing your thoughts. I'm gathering and relaying lots of constructive comments from this and other threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by jcohen42 View Post
    Okay, so I've tried out the auction system quite a bit tonight. Some notes:

    • While bid wars definitely end more quickly, the peak tokens are about the same as the old system. Haven't seen much past 50 yet.
    • The main problem is that there is a base level of approximately 8 tokens for any player of reasonably quality and age. Perhaps this goes down later, but we saw late last season that the token floor was high then too.
    • I think a good bit of the game's charm is lost in that any level can bid on any player. No longer are there "bidding rivarlies"; you're just bidding against random people you don't care about. This makes the system much less unique or engaging.
    • The fact that human managers can't sell players to other human managers via Auctions still sucks. A lot.

    Overall, do I hate it as much as I first did? No, probably not. Do I still hate it? Yes. Do I still think Nordeus should have both types of Auctions running at the same time? Yes. Will I quit if Nordeus keeps this around without changing it for a while? Definitely.

    EDIT: Also, there is a cap to how many players you can see on the auction list that you've bid on in the past. I'd be okay with this if the max was 20 or 30, but it's closer to 10. That's not nearly enough for managers to do any kind of meaningful analysis. Makes it feel like a fast food restaurant.
    Your 3rd point really stood out for me. Great comment overall. I would really like to hear more opinions about everyone's bidding experience now that the new season has begun.

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    I see: good players min 30, some 50 or 60 tokens.

    For me it is too crazy.

    And for me, it is a desaster.
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    Hello hello,
    is 13.00 sunday, normally at this time I had about 100news in my mailbox in the game that my friends (about 40) bought or sold new players before new season strart. How about today? Only 4... Do we spend tokens as Nordeus wants? No my friends... Now is completly different game...

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    Isn't this list a bit unpractical?

    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-capture2.jpg

    mid range player sold for obscene tokens !

    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-capture.jpg
    Groundhog Day visiting level - 58 -

    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

    FireCats is testing level - 36 -

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    with the 4 minutes to sel the players servers are getting more overload and we have enough problems already with the servers if there are a lot of matches

    so Nordeus didnt think about that ????

    Why making the game more unstable by overloading the servers

    And 4 minutes to sell why not an hour and how the get sell the acadamy players on transfer a 2 stars stays a 2 star for every manager even the lowest lvl managers only through negotation the acadamy players are now interesting for lower managers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    Isn't this list a bit unpractical?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture2.jpg 
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    mid range player sold for obscene tokens !

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.jpg 
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    The only way to clear that lot is to log out and back in again...

    I'd have bid a few tokens on that player (youngish, dual-role, near next star), but 60-odd? No way...
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    The new sale-purchase system is a total disaster. The transfer market is a big fake, unreal. For example, if Juventus wants to sell a player, it can be bought by Macherster City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, etc. The player is "bought" by the system and withdraws from activity. Managers, in turn, buy players from the system, so nowhere, a 27-year-old player, where did he play? On the beaches of Brazil and going to the professionals so by miracle. The transfer market is not free, it is controlled by the system. In fact, the market for player transfers, and the sale-purchase of any products is free. Another unsettled aspect is that we can not buy players that value, for example, 95% from friends. In fact, if the Valencia team wants to send an offer to the X player, Lyon does it. This is impossible. Total disaster, no logic.Please go back to the previous version. Otherwise, most likely many managers will give up this game.
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    What can I say my 102% team was drawn with +1 level opponents.

    Now all managers can buy good 99% players.

    So in just one day all my opponents have better teams than mine.

    Cups and champions league draws with higher level managers becomes even more unfair
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    I got 2 18yo (ft probably) players tonight for 17 and for 2 tokens.
    I dont think there is a problem to generate unlimited amount of players so everyone can finally get lucky.
    But would u guys really be happy about this new system even if we lets say can get talents a bit easier and cheaper as before? Nordeus told it, wait guys how it goes, give it a chance. So as a compromis they create more players.
    I would still find the whole thing awful, as the interaction is gone, so its totaly boring to kill old stars and get new from a birth machine.
    Also, now we arent able to sell good players at prices they deserve. But overpay when buying. But even if Nordeus fixed that, it wouldnt be the same fun tm.
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    "a birth machine" I really did laugh out loud
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