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    Lightbulb [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve seen a lot of questions related to a few issues, namely bidding between levels and where players go when they’re sold on Auction and where you’re buying your players from.

    Managers are bidding against other Managers from other levels, but thanks to this, we’re also introducing more, higher quality players more often (including things like 5* players throughout the season). When this happens, Managers are seeing player quality/price relative to their level. It won’t cost your opponent in an auction more or less cash to bid, and their quality won’t be static - they will be added to the winning Manager’s level and have consistent quality with that level.

    Now, when it comes to players on auction, here’s how it works.

    When you sell a player on Auction, the system does buy them, and players you buy on the Transfer market are fresh players. We made this change for several reasons, namely to increase the sell rate for Managers and to introduce new, quality players for Managers at all levels. We heard regular feedback from long-time Managers regarding not seeing enough quality players at high levels, and as some of you have commented already, you can already see players with multiple positions/high quality/stars regularly. In this sense, we have sacrificed some football realism for the sake of introducing more players for all Managers.

    Managers on the forum have raised good points about sentimental connections to their players. It’s a big change in this regard, but Negotiations are still available, which of course still allows you to directly buy players from other Managers.

    Regarding Special Abilities. While some players on auction still have them, you have to open their profile to see it. We understand your point about wanting to see this important information quickly though, and will be returning the Special Abilities to the Transfers menu in the near future.
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    1,665 Nordeus controls how much we can sell a player for?
    So...........why do we put players up for auction if there is in fact no auction?
    So...............we'll never get the players value when we sell? Because if there's no auction there's no bidding.
    Feels like we're losing control here.
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    Thanks for the information, but what about merging servers having in mind that TM is available for managers from different servers now? Is this also happening to full extent? Are we going to be grouped with managers that were on different servers before in the same League or Cup, when the new season starts or we will be still playing against managers on our server only?
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    Question :
    If a friend (or just a league mate) is selling a player, can we go to his team and bid to that player (at those 4 minutes) ?
    Through the normal market, not a nego offer as we could in previous version ?

    or the player from the start of his auction is "locked" ?
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    Oh **** my players sold go to a sink hole

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    What's the point, then, of the 4 minute rule for the players one is selling? In practice, this is exactly the same as 'sell now' - why the pretence and making us waste our time hitting the button every 4 minutes if the player will be bought by the system anyways? Why is the system paying below the market price and what is the whole point of our players having that market price? In other words, why are you doing this to us?
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    If the system buys a user-listed player, does that mean we have to pay a "time premium" (multiple listings) to receive a higher sale price when putting player on a fake auction as opposed to selling him immediately via sell now?

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    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-screenshot_20170414-134712.jpg

    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-screenshot_20170414-134720.jpg

    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-screenshot_20170415-110028.jpg

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    If the players we sell just disappear into the ether, then there's no need for separate 'Sell at Auction' (because it isn't) and 'Sell to Agent' (because effectively that's what we are doing when we 'Sell at Auction')...

    What a bloody stupid system - there's no longer the uncertainty of who will be interested in the players you are trying to sell, what they will be prepared to pay for them, and no chance of the occasional windfall when you put a multi-role with appropriate SA, x4 or x9 player close to his next star, on the market and see the cash roll in from the auction frenzy (like this one... )

    [OFFICIAL] Further notes on the - New Auction system-ben-de-wree-214m.jpg
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