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Thread: Season 92 - Are you ready?

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    My main men

    The players here are involved in just two competitions I am excited about series and so I trained him and now has SS SA. Hopefully it increases his goal tally.
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    Home Guard vs the Monolith, part 2.

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-s03-champ-cc-r16-2-if-bjorkloven.jpg

    Hard defence, counter-attack vs high-press and offside trap. Did a better job of defending than last time, but the wingers and one of the midfielders kept getting caught offside... Out of the CL 3-5 on aggregate.

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-s03-champ-mr-r16-2-if-bjorkloven.jpg
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    Oppo: DL-DC-DC-DMR-DMC-ML-MC-AMR-2ST (4-1-3w-2 replica)
    ME: 4-1-4-1 def

    quality similar.
    bonus condition moral maxed out.
    1st leg won him 2-1.

    2nd leg:
    Half time score: 6-0 losing
    Full time score: 8-2
    oppo 75% accuracy

    I cannot even comment on game engine anymore
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    are you surprised that you lost with such a powerful team??? what can i say... i lost today in ch league with a team 25% weaker than mine. 122% vs 97%. this game became one ****ing fake bull****. their only goal is to make us spend as many tokens as possible. how am i supposed to spend any money on this pathetic game when the quality doesn't matter any more?... and the simulation engine simulates however he wants? **** this ****, i'll quit soon. good luck!
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    Out of the CL in the Round of 16. Drew 0-0 away from home in a game I dominated and almost won [hit the bar thrice.] Came back home today and the first half ended a deadlock. 2nd half came and opposition rifled a shot in from midfield. I needed 2 goals now. It was a do it, or don't. I became more attacking, and bam! Oppo scored a 2nd. Game over.

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    Advances to the quarterfinals of the CL, behind a convincing 5-0 win (9-1 agg...)

    Associations: My team struggled, but we managed to win both the semi's and finals on goal differential.

    This week, i've been wandering around different associations, playing friendlies. Will return to mine later in the week...
    Level 40 Manager

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    Season 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2017-05-16-21-48-07.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2017-05-16-21-48-14.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2017-05-16-21-48-22.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2017-05-16-21-50-55.jpg

    League lvl 11 going nuts!
    Always swapping dmc-dc and keeping wings^ at the attack, sometimes swap ST with AMC, but rare.

    ------DMC------- -dmc--dmc-
    -------MC-------- ------MC-----
    AML------AMR AML---AMR
    -----ST-ST----- ---ST--ST---

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    Excellent day for my second team
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170517-071042.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170517-072907.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170517-074653.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170517-074940.jpg

    Could not have hoped better
    CUP LEVEL 12 SPECIALIST (winner: Season 8 level 8, Season 11 level 11, Season 12 level 11; finalist: Season 13 Level 12)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javert89 View Post
    Excellent day for my second team
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Screenshot_20170517-074940.jpg 
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ID:	82262

    Could not have hoped better
    Somewhere somewhen on the forum there will be a user complaining about troll results

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    So , our primary level 40 team has a pretty rough season.. Been put in the toughest league possible with all managers having 100%+ (full 6-7* teams) .. currently in 5th place trying to get into the top 3 as the title is pretty much impossible due to 12 points difference which were caused from a few troll performances at the beginning of the season -,- .. Got out of the NML in RO16, same in Cup.
    My other team tho is doing pretty well :

    This is going to be my cup final opponent tho.. I dunno if i can beat him :/ he only plays that formation tho and my semis oppo which i beat 4 0 used the same formation (except he was like 5% weaker than me)..

    And this is our current team :

    Should i get a new GK tho? i know its already late in the season but it seems like ill need it for the CUP atleast
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