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Thread: Season 92 - Are you ready?

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    I am not there yet Haridryer. Still have to win 1 game in the league
    FC Knudde:
    Seasons: 46
    League won: 33
    CL won: 10
    Cup won: 4

    FC Killroy:
    Seasons: 32
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    CL won: 6
    Superleague: 3
    Cup won: 7

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    Good season for my team. As I said earlier, after Nordeus ,once again, cut the amount of free greens - there will be no donation from my side.So this season I spend 0 tokens and bucks on buying players. The core group stayed the same - 3 times this season scouts offered me ST/AM players - this engine is kidding me - I ve got way to much good attacking players in my squad. Come on, find me some MCs and DCs and I will think about buying them.

    So no,my starting eleven looks like:
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    Mr Kreider and Mr Zuccarello reached the 160% mark, Gretzky and Jagr will also join the club -maybe today,maybe tommorow. Will think about buying some players the next season: GK and maybe dm and mc. But I am not sure.

    The league: Well,it was the most boring season for me - all of the teams were without their managers,there quality was about 105% so it was a one way street for me, Will end up 26-0-0 with about 150 goals for and 6 or 7 against.
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    The cup - it was not intersting until the final - yep in the semis, I ve lost at home with the score 2-4 but everything was under control, was leading at the half but then the game decided to troll me a little bit. The final is the final, it's one game and you never know wether your players will suddenly suck cos its a bad day for them. But easy 2-0 win with no chances for the opp. In huge games I usually starting the game with 3dcs and 3dms,defensive style hard press and man on man marking though my players are 99% stamina and max morale. Also the cash bonus is there.Season 92 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    The champs league:
    Group stage - scored 30+ goals in 6 games and gave up 2. In the 1/8 was facing the strongest team out there with about 140% quality and active manager - won 7-2 on aggregate. Was thinking that another treble is near and its in the air but **** happens and for me that **** was the first semifinal game - I was stronger on 20%, I was online and my team was 100% ready. My opp never showed up - easy win? He scored on the first minute of the game. And when there was 12 minutes played in the game the score was 1-1 and he was playing 1 man short because his player was sent off) . Easy win? He scored 2 goals and won 3-1.....ffs
    My team stayed calm cos we were still in the game and at home we played strong and was leading 2-0 with 30 minutes to play in the ball game...then he scored, and it was his team going through. Made some changes and scored with 7 minutes left to play in reg time. Jagr scored in extra time and that was it. In this game my team set the record with 37 shots totall. But it was really close. The final - easy win and the treble goes to me.Season 92 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    so now, I have only 1 goal : platinum div with my ass and after we will accomplish that task : it's time to say goodbye!
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    Just defeated #1 3-2 and he has now slipped to #2. The race for the league title goes down to the wire.

    I play the new #1 on final day. If I defeat him and #2 loses his game Vs #13, I take the title. The chances that happens though are very slim. I reckon that I win, as will #2, for him to win the title by 1 point.

    If I fail to defeat #1, he takes the title. What this means is that #2 is banking heavily on me defeating #1 so he wins. Shall I play a weak team on purpose and disappoint him?
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    ...and, for the sixth season running...

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-s17-l10-league-round-25-top.jpg

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-trophy-thumbs-up.jpg

    The only silverware I'll be getting for myself this season...
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Triple done!!

    At CL-final, there were 38 supporters (19 on each side).
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-clwin.jpg

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-lwin.jpg

    Two new club records are done with 2. game today:
    -) Costa made 31 MoM-title in one season (was 30), maybe he makes 32.
    -) Teguia made 40 clean sheets in one season (was 39) - maybe he also makes "less goals conceeded in one season".

    Costa made another impressiv goal: after the retirement of Kraxner, he is now the penality-shooter (yeah, he missed a lot of penalites in previous seasons, but to become a legend, he has to score penalties too). But... he does it, like not every one else.
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-costa.png

    Last, but not least: Thx to all my supporters this season.
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    Last season for me! At least for a long while.

    I have a long time felt like each update took a little more of the games charm away..
    But the last big ones procentage view and now shared auction has just done it for me.

    That combined with an increasingly corrupted gameengine, with a ridicules handicap against bottom dwellers.
    Yes it's is fun competing even losing out against strong team and other favourites. but too lose the change at titles against over 30% lesser teams that are abandoned. Where is the fun in that?

    Most of you know that I have used all my tokens on training players to compete, because there was only three star players available.
    now I have to compete with newbies bloating prices to a ridicules level .. that is just enough for me.. I will probably look into it in a few month and follow the forum. But if there aren't big changes then it is it for me!

    There isn't even anything special in being promoted anymore... so why keep playing?

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-capture.jpg
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    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    Last season for me! At least for a long while.

    There isn't even anything special in being promoted anymore... so why keep playing?
    More you get promoted, more the relative quality increases, more troll results you love!
    CUP LEVEL 12 SPECIALIST (winner: Season 8 level 8, Season 11 level 11, Season 12 level 11; finalist: Season 13 Level 12)

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    Finally Triple crown, not my main club, my academy club
    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
    Trolling ruin the game fun and all efforts.
    We play for fun not frustration.

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    I won cups in both teams, hopefully a miracle happens for Soccer Machine so I can win league to make it double for them.... Classic eleven are double winners(league and cup) ...first time I will have my players in the first 5places for the best performing players.
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