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Thread: Crazy bidding wars on new TM update

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldsilvy View Post
    No one forces you to participate in bidding wars.

    Set a stop limit, e.g. "I will not pay more than xx tokens for this player".

    Given increased supply of players available for purchase, and materially reduced auction time frame, it is possible to acquire players in a disciplined manner without need to spend significant amount of tokens.

    Competition for < 85% players is much less fierce vs > 85%.
    Hear hear! I totally agree with this.
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    I also agree that while the market is crazy for 96%+ players, it's much calmer at lower levels. The more elementary managers just look at the best players, but there is real value elsewhere that someone can get for cheap. Maybe it means your team is half a star lower in overall skill, but that's not too bad in the grand scheme of the game.

    However, the game is still broken because there is no way to ensure players are sold for their real value. Players being sold just get sent through the meat shredder of the "bot auction", with no opportunity for other managers to judge what they would value that player for. This is a significant part of strategy and inter-manager camaraderie that is lost, giving the game more of a cold, corporate feel. That is why I am still upset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirrowka
    I have had bid only 1 T for this player, then I lost ...
    Good move
    I don't need any players, for my main or AC clubs; since the new update come I bought 3 18 yo FT between 4-5* for test, I found its not enough time to look right player, anyway, its not end of the world; if you see someone bidding then don't bid; I do the same, like I bid but someone over bid mine then I don't bid back; better wait for next round (4 min.); another problem is supply is very low, like only 15 player they offer on TM/
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    same player that you just spent 70 tokens on it, if you click "sell on auction", the fake system will not even buy it back... auction system is fake and a fraud sadly
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