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Thread: Argument for single position players?

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    Argument for single position players?

    Assuming that only highlighted skills are important for a given player, wouldn't it be beneficial to limit the number of highlighted skills?

    Fewer highlighted skills would result in ability to focus only on those key skills in training, and hence the average value of highlighted skills would increase faster when there are fewer such skills.

    Obviously the squad/player would be missing out on the flexibility that multiple position players provide, however quality-wise the team would benefit.

    As a side question: are overall stars important or it's just misleading depiction of a player's true ability?

    e.g. would you rather have a 6* rated player with 100% in all skills, or a 5% rated player with say 130% in highlighted skills and 50% in grey skills?

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    well your asking the wrong question. The question is does skills matter? No body knows ...
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    I favor single position players. I play 4411 in 90%+ oh matches, adjusting tactics rather than formation against my opponents.

    I'll have someone to sub my flank positions, historically like a DL/DML or DML/ML, and another for right flank. This covers the few times each season I might have red card or injury to any of those 4 positions (accepting a yellow caution out of position for a match or 2). I'll have an extra ST, GK, and MC, all single position. Only other dual position I like is DMC/DC, who will sub for a DC who can't play, and offers my only alternative formation, 4141, used rarely.

    I've started a MR/AMR for last few seasons, sometimes hell score when pushed up to the more attacking position.
    I've also had a DC/DL who plays DC, i tried to use his dual nature to increase his speed +DC skills, while he's faster, he's no better than my single spot DC.

    I wouldn't buy a 3-positions player for my strategy.
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    I think these are very good questions That were raised a few times. You're bringing an original angle though.
    But it indeed all comes down to: do skills matter? If so, how much more do the white skills than the grey skills? How do they relate to a so-called hidden skill (talent?) that can't be trained?

    Reminds me of a question someone asked: was any player's performance ever improved by training some particular skills?

    My experience: I have a very talented mr/amr that used to score a lot. His passing skills were increased a lot by power training. Nowadays he scores much less, but he's the king of assists. Who knows?