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Thread: QUESTION - Why you play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan117 View Post
    Mourinho fc is too difficult to score a goal against, yet alone defeat him.
    But ive noticed dat d difference in d skills of all his players is not more than 20%

    For instance, if he has a striker with shooting of 160% as his highest skill, d lowest skill of dat striker which can 4 example be tackling will be 140%.all other skills will fall in between 140-160%.and this is d same for all his players.

    I wonder if dis is d reason why his team is invincible
    Mourinho is quite a mistery because for some teams he appears as 7,8 stars and for others 4 stars so is kinda silly and I don't know, well nobody knows how on earth he works.

    Is clearly that his players run a very poor moral, you can see this from possession but still somehow most of the times he manage to beat you.

    On this topic I opened a thread a while ago and admin joined too so any constructive comment might motivate Top Eleven developers to make Mourinho more interactive for all of us.
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    Is that for real?? WTF

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