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    Tell us the exact date you will start this new challenge. We need to have our plans as well.

    If you start using your association view and start the two weeks league then we need to have our plans in hands before the kickoff of next season.

    If you don't reply then you are cheating on us, shame on you!
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    Level 49 here. In my league at 14th place stands an active manager with an average quality of his team 128 %. In the other league at the same level at 4th place stands a team with an average quality of 100 %. Nordeus, that's ridiculous. This quality based league draw is insane and unfair. Am I supposed to stop improving my team to get an easy league draw? Change this before changing anything else, cause right now veteran active managers cannot promote and nonactive managers because of their easier draw promote. Bring back random friends orientated draw.
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    Nice update

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerniceguy View Post
    In all seriousness what I would like 2 see is a special once a season association event where each association member puts 3 players in to make an 18 man super squad chosen from by captain. Superteams 2 go against other associations. Would be fun

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    Sounds like a good idea. I'll second this ask...

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    Thank you for this news, but we need more information about this challenge, next week we ll start new season, with law quality, and we should buy some good player, and us you know it's very difficule for some people.

    we need to plan, if we ll play for cup, CL, to take our asso in good position and playin for the first place in league, so what's else ?

    it's good to have new challenge but we need some information about this good news

    thank you nordeus
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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC
    Ready for some challenge? With this release we are bringing support for a new time-limited competition that will have 2 editions. Stay tuned for more info soon!
    Cool, new challenge
    "new time-limited competition" - Can we please start to naming this new competition, wait my turn first, hmmmm, I'm .. I'm ... naming it "bug championship"

    I believe everybody going to like it (name)

    If not then...
    how about...

    "Troll championship"
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    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
    Trolling ruin the game fun and all efforts.
    We play for fun not frustration.

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    Thank Top Eleven😘

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    Quote Originally Posted by HairDryer View Post
    Not sure abt it but sound scary time limited competition. we be able to finish the whole season in a week??

    Hope not!
    Cause it means the end of game for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Interesting - because if they end the 'Levels' system then they could introduce the concept of teams losing Q% - in effect, relegation - for teams that finish in the bottom part of the table - that would stop tanking...
    I would love it if they remove the levels concept.

    But, Im not at all for the 2 week season.
    I feel, with regular training (and not power training), players gain roughly around 20-25% over 4 weeks.
    This kindof of offsets the 20% reduction done at the end of season.
    By reducing it to 2 weeks, the gain is less and not to mention, you got to play around 4 matches a day!!!
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    I want to play with my friends in league cant becoz i`m lower level

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