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Thread: Do Fast Trainers still exist?

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    Do Fast Trainers still exist?

    From what I gather before the auction update, is that fast trainers are Nordeus generated; they are young (between 18 and 20 yrs old); and they have high value/low salary ratio (I think).

    But since the update, all players from the transfer list are Nordgens.

    Do they still exist? How do you identify one? Their age? Their salary/value ratio?Do you pick one out base on these criterias and hope it is a Fast Trainer?

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

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    Yes, it's working with me, beginning of this week I bought a players (MC 18 yo ft 4*); give him 2 positions + SA, 95% now but not send him to play on field yet; so don't know how good he is on field but on training ground he is FT.
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    Yes the are still there