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Thread: Is this actually possible to do just with training?

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    Is this actually possible to do just with training?

    I have just recently came across a player on someone else's team that has some interesting stats, can any tell me if you can actually do this with players just by training them and if so can someone tell me how please?

    The players stats are :-

    tackling 36 passing 410 fitness 39
    marking 38 crossing 166 strength 75
    positioning 116 dribbling 184 aggression 20
    heading 114 shooting 108 speed 112
    bravery 44 finishing 413 creativity 358

    this player is a striker age 23 and has scored 24 goals in 7 games which is not unsurprising with these stats.

    Thank you in advance for any replies and also any advice any gives.

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    he power train the player focus only on passing, finishing and creativity. very impressive stat should i say 24 goals in 7 games. From my experience different player will react differently.

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    yes, its possible. Striker have following key skills:

    Positioning + Heading

    Passing + Dribbling + Shooting + Finishing

    Strength + Speed + Creativity

    Rest are non key skills. If you keep train him with "Fast counter attack + Use your head + Slalom dribble" all the time then you will giving him those key skill points. Read following guide, it'll help you more to understand.

    But for a plain striker (without other positions, like amc/l/r) I usually don't care much his passing skills, passing skill make him assister; for a plain stricker I prefer:
    "Use your head + shooting tech + sprint". Although every manager have their own styles. Have fun
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