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Thread: Season 94 - Are you ready?

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    Season 19 is over now...

    and it was an amazing season:

    -) 50 wins
    -) what means: 11. triple
    -) 112 goals by Costa
    -) new young talent

    and many many more...

    full season report is just one click away
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    Desert Rats FC End-of-Season report.


    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-last-day-status.jpg

    League Final Table and Top Players

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-l12-league-table-final.jpg
    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-l12-league-top-players.jpg

    Champions League

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-champ-final-result.jpg


    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-cup-final-result.jpg

    Associations - Desert Rats' Association achieved two wins, a third place and a fourth place during the season, and accumulated enough points to remain in Gold 1 for another season.

    Playing Squad at the end of the season, with their Club Career records

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-playing-squad-final.jpg

    Season 19 Player of the Season

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-pos-patrick-tillmanns.jpg

    Current Club Records

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s19-club-records.jpg
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    Let's open the season 95th thread

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    Finally at 2am in the last season day ma GK scores 2 goals from FK xD

    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s59-last-asso-31-edition-1314-points.jpg

    In the league these 4 draws were curious, made the work really.
    Season 94 - Are you ready?-s59-ending.jpg

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    My first treble, after a significantly challenging season against a couple of tankers & some really good players, where I was even considering tanking after the first few games ! Only about 18 active seasons out of the 37 that I've played T11 to reach this frikkin elusive milestone !

    Took me 22 games to seize the lead in the league & it was hard fought against the eventual runner up. Kudos to him for the challenge! \m/

    Ended with a 142% team, zero tanking involved ! ^_^

    Our Asso had a bad run; some change of guard & a drop back to Gold 1 from Platinum after just 1 season. But we have a solid unit now & will bounce back shortly.

    Now on to this season & further glories ! \m/

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    Thread closed. Enjoy the next season

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