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Thread: Some imprtant questions i want to ask

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    Post Some imprtant questions i want to ask

    So, i am new to the game, in my second season doing good so far ( 10 win streak )
    Anyways I have some questions i really want to ask :
    - How do you raise morale without using morale boosters ?
    - How do you raise the quality of players ?
    - How do you raise the stars of players ?
    - I have just saved up tokens for a scout striker, but he doesn't score any goals, most of my goals are scored by midfield escpecially MCs, i use 4-4-2, any reason for that.
    - Is 4-4-2 a good formation. If yes, can u please recommend any good tactics ?
    - If not, anyone know any other good formations.
    - Exactly how much does condition drop in a match ?
    - Can a player gain a special ability ?
    - I used to play this game 2 years ago with the old systeam, so i am kind of new to the current training system, how do you get the best bonuses ?
    Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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    Morale is frustrating, it generally just goes down even with high ratings/ win/ rest, man of match, etc.
    You can play friendly games and gain morale boosters.
    Quality increases with training, players under 21 gain Q% fastest, and there is a rate range among every age bracket. However, I don't think you must raise Q to have a successful team. Skill % is also gained in matches, hosted friendly or competitive. +4 skill for MoM awards.

    Stars represent 20% Q each, very simple.
    No player is guaranteed to score, some will, some won't. It's a long running discussion, with no resolution. Try many players, keep those who are effective in their role or rate 8+ in some games. Your tactics will effect who scores, or shoots, and how.
    442 is fine, it's balanced and allows you to switch tactics according to the opponent and game state. This will all come with experience, so you might experiment with a more attack or defense-focused formation as well. Generally, personally, I react with tactical changes based off both my team's and opposing ratings. Like I said, there's some experience to gain...
    Search the forums for threads by Al Svanberg about training for fast trainers. He explored condition loss in matches and produced some accurate data.
    Special ability is assigned on a players page, just below positions. They can only, ever, gain or start 1 SA. Again, young players learn with less rest, and lower star players faster than those with more. So, train a SA on a u-21 player near the beginning of a season, or over multiple. Personally, I'll play them for a while, maybe even until they are 21 to assure they perform. Waste to train a freshly bought player.

    Bonuses: easy and very easy drills only. I use "investment players", young but crap ratings who will never start, only to gain $$value and sills before age 22. Only truck is finding the right mix of players positions for full bonuses. You don't need to use your full team, just 8 (to gain physical bonus) + whatever other positions you need for other bonus categories.

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    thanks for the help. I didn't really understand all that q stuff. But what i understood is quality is raised by training, right ?

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    In tutorials- guides section, there are many useful threads about the game
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