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Thread: How to survive???

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    How to survive???

    I am new to this game, I am going to finish my 1st season as a No.1, but I have low resources mainly cash. I have only 100k, how to increase my cash. I have good players who are 18old and have 5-6 stars with selling value at 1M+ but I am not sure about the future of the team without these players. I'm in dilemma, help me out guys. Share how you managed the low resource situation,

    Thanks in advance!

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    Play some friendlies to generate a bit of cash. Or you could buy some with tokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prasanth View Post
    I am new to this game, I am going to finish my 1st season as a No.1, but I have low resources mainly cash. Share how you managed the low resource situation,
    Don't worry, if you play actively and gather daily bonuses,you will get out of this mess very soon.
    And, it's natural to lose cash and tokens when you start playing, as we all try to experiment.

    So, my advice is :
    Don't buy any player for new season although it's not easy as you want to explore more of the it's a challenge

    P.S. Even if you have 0 K,even then you can survive very easily, all it requires is a bit of a patience and a daily login.

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    play another season (so to realize that your players gonna loose a star and their values gonna drop -20% the new season ).
    Read some good posts here in the forum, make some tests and then start another account -team.
    Next time you 'll be more wise
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    For cash and resources, you can tank one season and read all the guide

    and how to tank:

    Ops, don't forgot to read before you get upset:
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    remember that whilst you lose in the new season you continue to gain, the younger the side then the quicker you gain,
    join association in gold level
    coz you get tokens at the end of the season etc

    good luck