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Thread: Season 95 - Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenoticFC View Post
    madflo do I need to lower the quality of my team or only the starting 11.
    The 14 highest Q players are what the average is taken from
    I clear my team out on the last day of the season, keep maybe 4 of my top players, then buy 7 or 8 high four star/low five star 18/19 yo's on the first day who will be all up near 6 star by the end of the season.
    These are all 1 token buys this morning
    Season 95 - Are you ready?-new.jpg
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    44T for a DL Bulgarian 19 age. Yea I went cause really I wanted it, despite that for a little bit Ive some scout but, wanted this, have this. Now Ive x2 DLs so I will train double position, and then Ive a ST from Camerun,,,

    then the plan is, Guintoli, the AML will be as 2nd option, the AMC will be moved as AML and I will buy a scout dribbler of near 7* as AMC.

    Still needing a MC and I think I will go for a 2nd scout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gogs67 View Post
    The 14 highest Q players are what the average is taken from
    I clear my team out on the last day of the season, keep maybe 4 of my top players, then buy 7 or 8 high four star/low five star 18/19 yo's on the first day who will be all up near 6 star by the end of the season.
    These are all 1 token buys this morning
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice! I am trying to buy such players but you got them really each for just one token? I usually do have to participate in a bidding orgy (20-30 tokens) to win auctions for these kind of players. Because of that I only bought 2 three star players and I will need a ton of green packs for them. :/

    EDIT: Oh sorry, another question: Is the "fast trainer formula" still a thing in this T11-Version? I found a list from Nik in another old thread and at my manager level the factor should be something about 75. I never have found a player with four or more stars who would have a value higher or at least similar to this. Last season (FT factor ~120) I bought nevertheless some players and tested them with my benchmark training and sold them afterwards whenever I had the feeling that they could not improve as fast as they should.
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    I quit this game. The game has become too inconvenient for me, especially given my current situation in real life.
    Thanks for the fun and the entertainment.

    Those that know me on the forum who wish to keep in contact with me or for chatting or things like that can send me a message via the forum or via Peter, and I will add him on Facebook. Maybe I will request some users to add me, those like Khris and Hairdryer, for example.
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    All the best Tactician and take good care!
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    What have you learned from last season?
    It was my first season in platinum with my main association. From what I could tell, it looked like it's the same game engine as league, cl and cup, but a different meta than those three competitions and the lower leagues (with exception of Gold 1).

    In case anyone is confused by the concept of a meta, its refers to the dominant playstyle in a game, usually an online game. In a tiered PVP system (lets say 75% players in lower leagues, 20% in mid-tier and 5% in top tier), lots of playstyles can be successful in lower leagues, but in top leagues, it's usually play the dominant playstyles or whatever counters it. Less effective playstyles will gradually fail and miss promotion when matched up against the dominant ones. I think that's what's going in this game as well. I'll watch this more closely to see if my observation was wrong, but going 4-0-0-0 in platinum is an encouraging sign for that theory.

    Where did you place last season?
    Treble and 4-0-0-0 i associations, finishing with 1571 points.

    What's your current level?

    What's your budget for this season?
    I don't plan on buying much

    Who do you want to replace?
    I need a new defender and striker

    What are your goals for this season?
    continue to farm tokens, hopefully end season above 800.

    Which will be your main formation?
    I don't really have a main formation, but usualy play a 4-5-1v, 4-2n-3w-1 or 3-1-2n-3w-1(narrow/wide defense)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palash Mitra View Post
    Won my first treble after about 18 active seasons out of the 37 since I've been playing T11 ! About damn time !

    Have a very strong 122% team, with zero tanking involved. So no significant changes required. Just some bolstering of subs & alternate positions.

    Was hoping for a repeat, but then I got this in the Cup. Meh, really unfair how this is a legit strategy. I barely beat out couple of 140 - 150+ teams to secure my league & Cup. But this **** is just ridiculous. Build a strong team, get punished by being thrown in with tankers & +1 levels. Tanking or spending **** tons on tokens remain the only viable options. Meh. -_-

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    Sorry bro u got thrown in with someone from that tanking association legends never die
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    After my first 2 tanking seasons in my career i was back to trebles with the end of last season.
    Platinum with both teams,2nd team promoted last season after long time,Milan's association managed to gather 1444 points to retain their spot in platinum.
    The team is ready,nothing to replace,this will be their 4th season together,with 4 players from the starting 11 beeing at the club for 8-11 seasons.
    Last season was a success buying players from auctions and selling them trough negotiations as i made over 50 tokens profit,this season started better as i managed to gather already 20 tokens from selling 1T players trough negotiations .

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    Sold 3 3* players at nego level for 20T total. Buying young and spending lots.
    Season 95 - Are you ready?-s36d1newsignings.jpg

    Hopefully can develop a decent target man. My strikers have been my weakest group over the last 2 seasons.
    12 usable players Age 21 and under
    Only have one 100goal scorer left on the squad.
    Won our association division and up to Silver 2! lol
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    We had a good season, but once again treble eludes Soccer Machine.

    No transaction this season. We are gonna be fighting till the end.

    Not learnt much, maybe counter orders, a pressing style devised by a friend. I call it the Posgen Pressing. And some other things. Hopefully we gonna win some trophies again. Good luck y'all.

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