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    Mourinho PUNCHED ME after the match, security had to intervene to calm the situation down. Now that he is being trolled he can't stand it any more.
    On a serious note all the matches I have had against him the possession has been steady around 60% for me. I'm gonna speculate again and say if the matches aren't down right fixed they are at least "calibrated". He always uses different formation so that means it doesn't impact the stats that much.

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    Let the parody continue lol

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    Well Mourinho can win. I lost one game with both of my teams. Both games were dominated heavily by me and I will call it a troll result:

    Possession 70 vs 30
    Shots 22 vs 11
    On target 10 vs 3
    Saves 0 vs 6
    End score 1-2

    My other game was bad luck
    Possession 69 vs 31
    Shots 17 vs 12
    On target 9 vs 8
    Saves 3 vs 3
    End score 2-3
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    Do we have win record already?

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    [Official] Challenge #4 - Beat The Special One Challenge-1.png

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    So far I've had 4 wins, a draw and a defeat. sitting in 4th place in my 'league' with 13 pts, leader on 16. then 2 on 14.

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    6/6 so far and pretty easily as well. As it seems like, only one other manager is active and has taken part in the challenge so far. Ez 15 tokens
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    I had problems from hell yesterday, but today everything Special One-related runs smoothly, so I haven't been able to reproduce any of the issues I ran into yesterday.

    - And I managed to beat the Man three times today, so all's well for now ...!
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    lol 5th time and draw 3-3

    really Im using Mou to test what combination of players works better...

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    so far it's 7 wins out of 7 games. 2 more to play later today, and i'm sitting prettily at the top of my group.

    By the way, i got a notification at the start of today that Mourinho had purchased 2 new players and thus Special One is now stronger.

    Question to Nordeus: Does Mourinho strenghten only for those leading the league, or happens across the league whereby Special One's team strength is the same for all??

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