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    [Official] Challenge #4 - Beat The Special One Challenge

    [Official] Challenge #4 - Beat The Special One Challenge-beat-special-one-forum.jpg

    Hi Managers,

    The next limited-time event is LIVE NOW! Ready to take on José in the Beat The Special One challenge?

    Here's how it works:

    • Each Manager can challenge Mourinho up to 3 times per day.
    • In these matches your players don't lose any condition.
    • A victory grants 3 points while a draw only 1 point.
    • Managers compete against other Managers who have a similar team quality. Note that the Leaderboard is not created based on League
    • All the teams in the leaderboard play against the same Mourinho club.
    • You must earn at least 1 point to qualify for rewards.

    The prizes will be awarded as following:

    1st place: 15 tokens
    2nd place: 12 tokens
    3rd place: 10 tokens
    4th place: 8 tokens
    5th place: 5 tokens
    6th place: 3 tokens
    7th place: 3 tokens
    8th place: 3 tokens
    9th place: 2 tokens
    10th place: 2 tokens
    11th place: 2 tokens
    12th place: 1 token
    13th place: 1 token
    14th place: 1 token

    This challenge lasts from August 8th to 18th.

    NOTE: In order to take part in the challenge, you must update to Top Eleven 5.11.
    Friendlies against Mourinho outside of the challenge will not be available during the course of the event.

    Let us know what you think about Challenge #4!

    Good luck Managers!

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    Hi, I love the new challenge and consider it one of the best ones so far. And the reason is simple - it brings more meaningful matches to the schedule. Plus if I understand it correctly, we will be able to choice the times of these matches which works for me perfectly. And in addition to that, I can try some tactics without risking loosing the important match and without loosing condition - but in a meaningful game, not just in a emotion-less friendly. Thanks!

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    Do you compete against managers of the same quality and of the same level, or levels can be different (% counts)?
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    This like association match, right?
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    Are we competing against our other league mates(as in previous mini tourneys ) or some same Level managers??

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    Managers compete against other Managers who have a similar team quality.
    Then I guess I won't face opponents of my League .
    Too bad
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    I hope the so called Special One team won't be Legendary players against my scout players because that will be dumb Af. Thanks

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    This is actually nice, 3 "free" matches a day. More chances to experiment without thinking about the condition loss. Even if you don't win any tokens at least this competition has something going.

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    it says you wont lose condition when playing... but will you gain exp for your players or will it be like association where your players dont lose condition or gain any exp....

    would be nice to have 3 more matches a day to train and gain exp for my players

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    I think it is associaitions style. So no stamina loss but no exp either. This will be an interesting challenge. I haven't challenged M in ages. I always lost. Never had a chance against M even when I dominated the game. He gets 3 shots at target, I get 11 shots at target and I loose with 0-3. Crazy stuff. This time will be different!
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