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Thread: Recommended players are fixed ?

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    Recommended players are fixed ?

    Second season in a row where my recommendation vary in positions and have good special abilities.

    This is what i got today
    Recommended players are fixed ?-screenshot_2017-08-20-09-58-26-376.jpg

    I also have got dc/dmc with wall ability
    Dmc/dmr with playmaker ability

    And things like that

    Mc/amc is an amazing combo of position which i have never got from beginning of the feature.
    The same for both teams!

    Has gk/ st-am non stop recommendations fixed?
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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    Yes, it seems it has been. I have not come across with midfielders by the way nor my asso friends. 2 weeks- AM/ST, One week GK and One week DMC/DC it has been continued like this for last 2 seasons, I hope it will last forever, Nordeus are unpredictable and incomprehensible by the way, they may change it again abruptly in a night. The reason of the fix may be related to their recent income rather than their amateurishness as they have not fixed it for almost a year. If their income has been decreased they may have felt to do something. Just a conspiracy theory, I hope the otherwise by the way.

    Edit: *2 seasons, I have mistakenly count this season too.
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    I hope so
    If any dev is reading, please don't add "Penalties specialist" sa.
    It's spoiling such a good combination.
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    Thank you Nordeus!!!!
    Finally something good fixed in the game
    On my accounts, i have seen MR/AMR, DL/DC, ML/MC and other such combinations for the 79T player.
    The SA provided are decent too.
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    My luck is so bad since I got my recommended players yesterday.
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    It looks a lot better than before. I found MC/ML, AMC or DC/DR with decent SA.
    Nothing that got my interest, but still better than the usual GK and ST.
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    my two gk are in best 5 of team
    sso i got offered gk
    and older than my 2

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    Scout player sucks - I prefer to use the 79 tokens for buying 2 0r 4 young 99% players from the new crazy auction
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    Quote Originally Posted by USARABAT View Post
    Scout player sucks - I prefer to use the 79 tokens for buying 2 0r 4 young 99% players from the new crazy auction
    They do?

    Recommended players are fixed ?-dr-patrick-tillmanns-250m.jpg

    Recommended players are fixed ?-dr-damian-zerbo-43m.jpg
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    My season started with DC/DL players being offered.I got a 20 yr old DC/DL with header SA. Was quite happy with that.

    I am waiting for my recommended players for my second team. I hope it is not one with a CK SA as I already have 3 of those.
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