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Thread: A new manager's story (my second season has just started)

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    A new manager's story (my second season has just started)

    Hi everyone,

    I am just a newbie on top eleven and as far as I can see there are many seasoned players around theory crafting best strategies from finances to training regimes. The game has been around for so long so no wonder..

    I just wanted to share my experience as a fresh starter..

    So, I just jumped on a random team in the middle of the last season and started shaping it around my wishes (change names, kits, new formation, transfers etc..)
    The game itself is very smooth and has nice graphics with good content. I like simple football manager games ever since I played the first championship manager(it was really basic back in the day). (Heck I am a dino, I first started gaming on Commodore 64 =))

    Anyhow, it went great for me as I fully enjoyed the league and friendlies with simple training and enjoying the competition around auctions (Too bad my team was eliminated from cup before I joined). And since I like to spend when I enjoy something I got some token packs. I think it is quite fair to say as people like me are the reason that this game is free for all non donators. So I also feel like I am contributing to the community when I spend my hard earned money on to such games.

    Things get interesting around that point though. The guidance about how the next season will be shaped depending on your decision to make your team stronger by spending your time and money is completely missing. I guess you know what I am talking about..

    Well , expectation is that once you get your team stronger by spending time and money , you would expect a better overall level compared to other players who don't spend as much time and money as you did.

    What I have seen in top eleven is that the system organizes new season in such a way that there is unfair situation on CL and CUP for strong teams of last season coming from lower level. %20 boost for a higher level player is making it unfair in my eyes just because he started the game one season before me but did not spend even as much (time + money=effort) as I did.

    And league draws are also unified (similar powered teams are on the similar power leagues). I can understand up to an extent but not fully.
    So it turns down to ; you have one, level 2 managers' league where clubs overall is %60 and one another where clubs overall is around %105. Both are level 2 though.

    On top of it your players lose a star at the beginning of next season which I did not know until it happened because the game did not inform me about it. I understand the idea behind it yet, if I had known it would have influenced my decisions around transfers and training so much.

    And to be honest when your players lose a star you feel a bit sad because you spent time after all right. That is more of an emotional thing though.

    Nevertheless, I started the second season still as a learning newbie with a good form defeating higher level managers on CL and going good with league and cup..

    Yet at the end of the season I learnt what to do and what not to do with a bitter experience....

    I hope you like my entry..

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    Good luck . read as much as you can and watch videos on youtube to learn faster about the secrets ... if you face any problem or you have any question don't hesitate to ask ...
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    I like your entry.
    So, welcome to the forum and in the game.
    As USARABAT saying, read a lot and ask, spend few money but don't rush to that as you with the experience you 'll make better investments with that.
    The monthly card is a good deal.
    Also find some associations group for some extra income.
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