View Poll Results: How many weeks do you prefer to play a Top Eleven season ?

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  • Two weeks

    7 10.29%
  • Four weeks (as it is)

    40 58.82%
  • Five - six weeks

    21 30.88%
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    How many weeks do you prefer to play a Top Eleven season ?

    Two weeks.
    - I ‘m not a fanatic player or so good to play every season till the semi or finals of the Cup or Champion’s league so if I ‘m out, I play only one game per day. That’s boring for me. So I want this season to end quickly and go for another chance sooner than a month.

    - I ‘m good player and doing well but I don’t intend to play T11 for years, so gathering a lot of trophies (if I can get one or two every 15 days) it’s good as I can fill my trophies room very soon. I want more action than preparation.

    - I ‘m old and experience player so I understand that watching my games, makes a little difference. It’s only good preparation and luck.
    So I prefer to log in at night, watch how my team did today and prepare it for the next day.
    I only want 3-4 more implements like buying players with less tokens, to be able to prepare my team for two competitions (2-4 games for next day, with different squads), more resting periods, changing the time of my home games without paying tokens.

    Four weeks.

    - As it is. It’s perfect (except maybe last Friday of the season when I have to play League, CH.L. final and two asso games).

    Five – Six weeks
    - It’s hard and boring to find so many new players every season (specially with this auction system).
    Also it’s a motive to buy some scouts or recommended players as I can have them for longest period.

    - I would like to have my players for a longest period, enjoy them , to see their behavior, a form (or de-form) period, some good records, to switch (buy and sell) some players in the middle of the season.

    - In this period of six weeks, we could have a League with 16 teams, a Super Cup in the middle of the season (a tournament with League, CH.L., Super League, Cup winners).
    - To be more relaxed if I ‘m playing my Cup or CH.L. semi/ finals (no league games those days).
    - To be able to play friendlies with Mourinho’s teams, like those days of the contest.
    - Or friendlies vs my friends (but like asso games, with their current quality, not the lv difference).
    - We could also have a tournament or Cup with national teams. The team we have, could “transform” to a national team we could choose and play KO rounds with other countries for a “World Cup”.
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    For me definitely the last one(5-6 weeks season)

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    1 year.

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    4 weeks is just right. Any thing longer is way too long and any shorter and buying players will be pointless
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    4 weeks is enough, but I'm tired of playing against bot and managerless teams.I've not played against a manager who is present and watching his team in live games all season
    I think a new tournament which will include the top players in your server competing against each other should be adopted

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    My favorite aspect of the game is actually squad building and I like seeing the players growth and hope they can be at the top of their game for as many seasons as possible in my team .A shorter seasons is nice if you are out of competitions but players won't have as many time to grow and most important important how many teams will be in a league 8??? You can still make some preparations for the next seasons if you are out of competitions, less matches means less packs spent.
    Yes the current auction really sucks and doesn't let you have the satisfaction of the old one even thou I'm now used to it.
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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    So that's right, they'll implement it no matter what people said. How stupid those devs are, still insist on BS.

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    I do not like this poll...

    4 weeks or more.. there is time for more matches in a single day...
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    I currently enjoy the game to the fullest. I am a level 2 manager playing within a very active league (only 4 inactive teams and the rest is all active with good teams between %100 - %115 ) .

    I am fine with 4 weeks season.

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    1 month season is good enough although, the prize for winning the league should be diversified to Red/Blue and Greens.
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