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Thread: team average quality

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    I don't think you will need the youth academy now.
    Started 21/02/13
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    Current Season / Level: 3
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    19 is fine, you end up with the likes like your team anyways. You definitely need u21 since you don't have tokens and power train or buy scouts/high quality players. Save up 12-15 tokens and get that u21 3/4* even the ones don't cost tokens is useful in your case. save up tokens and money, sell all the old and bad players, don't sack them, any1 value over 100k will sell, be very patient. Then slowly build up your team, grab any young 18-20 yo players with decent quality (high 3*- low 4*) make sure they expensive, the more they cost the better, try to get players with multiple positions. after 2 seasons you'll be a real force!!!

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