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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxcatl View Post
    Don't pay attention to the simulation. It's a cartoon, don't believe it. You need to check the statistics screen, not simulation.

    And about your player: if he performs badly, he is a bad player. Get rid of him.
    Well noted bro...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lian View Post
    Hey Guys,

    We apologize but due to the complexity of the issue, we were not able to restore all the goals and assists from the beginning of the season. However, from now on all the goals and assists should be shown as usual in your match reports.
    is that the best you can do. time and money is what your customer give.
    So i hope next seeson there will be no 20% deduction for compensation.

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    I'm facing a problem, association chat is auto deleted every time I log out (error occur from 4-5 days ago).
    Is there anyone has this problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 112000 View Post
    I'm facing a problem, association chat is auto deleted every time I log out (error occur from 4-5 days ago).
    Is there anyone has this problem?
    Yep, ours too!

    See also here:
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    Still no update about any sort of compensation for the missing freekicks and goals.
    The management of this game is becoming worse by the day!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    We're seeing enormous amounts of feedback surrounding the new 6.0 update to Top 11. Which is amazing and useful!

    Now that a few days have passed since the release, and plenty of you had the time to go through most if not all of the game's systems - Played a few matches, prepared for others, went through the new Formations system and so on - We wanted to open this thread with the intent to showcase what a very useful way of feedback structuring would be in light of the enormous amount of feedback we've been getting lately.
    The idea here being that using this structure we will be able to better discern and categorise the content of your posts and thus the feedback will be assessed and documented better and with greater haste!

    So here goes! Please share your thoughts with us under the following structure:

    1. Thoughts on the new update.

    2. Questions.

    3. Suggestions & Reasons for the suggestions.

    This should prove to keep things organised and that way we'll be able to document and categorise the content of your posts in specific groups of information over here.

    Feedback, be it positive or negative, of criticising nature or that of praise, is the best means by which to design and develop and for this we thank you oh so much!

    Our request comes from the fact that we actively strive to listen and take all your feedback and thoughts to the team.

    Good. Interesting.

    Is there a major problem or glitch with the new update? If so, it should be fixed. Let me explain.

    I have had this issue 3 times and it is very wrong, unfair, frustrating, annoying and should be fixed immediately. I do not know if anyone has experienced it.
    The Top Eleven Team needs to fix this.

    I played an association match and I saw the score at 3:2 in my favour. Then the network goes off and when it comes back, it shows that the match was a draw between me and the opponent at 0:0. This is wrong.

    The second time, I played a UK Tour Match this morning and the opponent was leading me 4:2. I saw this clearly. Then the network goes off and wen it comes back, it shows that I won 2:0. This is also wrong. It is unfair to the opponent. I also think this was meant to make me continue the UK Tour tournament. But it is clearly wrong.

    The third time, I was number 6 on the league table and I played a League match that would have placed me in the 4th place on the League table. I prepared strategically and tactically and was leading the opponent 2:0 at the 88 minute of the game. Then the network goes off and when it comes back, the game shows a draw 0:0. This is unfair. It is wrong.

    Do not cheat players of the game if that is what you are doing and do not favour players if this is what you are doing. If this is a glitch in the system, then please by all means fix it immediately so that we do not quit using the game. It is fun and I love it. But if you would be cheating us or favouring others, then this is clearly wrong.

    I believe everyone who plays TopEleven loves the game and that's why we commit to it. So, the developers must ensure that everyone is treated fairly and continue to improve the game; otherwise, people may leave and play other games. I know a lot of people who have said that TopEleven cheats players and have deleted the game. This should not be the case for a world class game like TopEleven.
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    Overall I like the new formation screen

    It gives much more freedom to place the players, expecially AML and AMR can be placed more centrally than before

    I liked also the new challenge
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