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Thread: The new Cup format is disgraceful

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    Quote Originally Posted by aiureah View Post
    Out of 128 teams in the Cup, there are 28 level 9 teams, 99 level 10 teams and me at level 8. Is this a joke? What i am? The guinea pig? The black sheep in the flock? Nordeus, i want some answers.
    you are in the same cup with me ? ...
    won away 1-0 and home 3-1 with a same quality higher lvl team !
    PS. i know you all want an easy cup ... but unfortunately you have to play a tough cup , just if you want and can manage the team to win ok !

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    @ro-edu No, i dont want an easy cup because there's no challenge in it. All i want is to have a couple of easy rounds (maximum 2) to have the time to build a squad. Losing in the first round in inadmissible when you invest lots of tokens in comparrison to others who need to invest very little or nothing at all. I have this feeling that no matter what i do i still am the underdog while others (doing nothing - not even log in into the game) are always heavy favourites for no reason. I had my share of high level opponents in the early rounds when i was low level, now it's my turn to have some easy opponents in the early rounds like in all the real cup games in the world.

    P.S. I don't know if we are in the same cup, my team is Liverpool. What's yours?
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    Well that's the beauty of the cup I guess! If it was like my first season where I destroyed everyone to win the cup, then the passion for the game will be gone very fast! I like the challenge to play against higher lever teams (just kicked some guy's ass from level 6 and I'm level 3). Now, does Nordeus force you to purchase tokens? I don't think so, we are all adults (in most cases) and we are free to decide what to do. If we are out of the cup, tough ****, but we still get going and play in the league and CL (plus train the players in your free time so they get better). Last year I lost in the first round of the cup and I was a bit disappointed but then realized that I had more time to train my players and get them ready for the league and CL (which I won both). And again it's just a game
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    unic winner cup is nordeus!!..the new cup format made for spend tokens!!
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    2nd season in a row I was bounced from the cup first round, of course, 2nd season in a row with new format.

    Won the cup first time in my first season, but I am glad I got bounced. Gives me less games and more time to concentrate on league and CL, which I find more important.

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    I am lucky this season

    first round vs an inactive guy who i beat 12-0 aggregate. Round2 i got an opponent i should be able to beat, its 27 vs 23 quality. Everything possible, but I am at least the heavy favorite.

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