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Thread: Game playable without Money / Ads

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    Game playable without Money / Ads


    I Play for a week now and ask myself If I want to watch 30 Ads per day just to be able to do some decent training.

    This is just too much IMO.

    So what if I stop this and of course spend no money. Is the game still enjoyable? Do you have any tips for this strategy?

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    It depends on what do you find enjoyable. Yes, you can play and have fun. But no, you can't be a successful manager: for that you need to watch videos or pay money.

    I guess you don't want to do individual trainings too, because they require micro-management, thinking and planning. So just keep bonuses on 10% and do obligatory trainings between games, they have a huge impact on performance. That may be enough to win League, but CL and especially Cup will be tough. Asso tournaments depend on the tier, don't expect to play in higher divisions.
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    I can assure you this game is totally playable without spending a dime. You actually learn more things that way and understand the value of things more. Usually the first seasons are easier (at least have been for me). You don't need to invest a crazy amount in players, keep your team with mostly 5 star players, even older ones. During your first 3 seasons make sure to not spent a lot of packs and create a reserve for yourself, believe me it is worth it more to spend 15 packs and save the other 15 in your 'bank'. Only train young U21 players, you don't have to be to greedy and make everyone a world class player. I'm sure you will find a balance yourself and work things out, one week is still early, don't be discouraged
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    Tanking is your answer. Look up for thread about tanking.

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    yeah why not ?
    Liverpool and Arsenal fans can live with that
    You can live the myth of Leicester on day.

    Read some good posts here in the forum and be present in your games.
    A low 5* team can make miracles.
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    You can be very successful without paying money or watching 30 ads per day. All you have to do is pick a formation and then highlight the 4 most important positions in that formation and buy 4 players to fill in. These players will be key so you have to make sure they are good, I'll advice buying recommended players or Academy players not auction players. You can boost these players to 120% with your startup resources and then it will take you about 240 rests per season that is just about 8 videos per day coupled with the amount you earn from making substitutions and other means, it would be more than enough to maintain these players at 120% every season until they are maybe like 28yo when training reduces drastically.

    Then you can buy the remaining 7 players to complete your squad. Then you must get many one star players in other to manipulate the draw at the end of the season (I'll suggest that you search the forum for more on that). If you sell off your 7 unimportant players at the end of the season your team quality will drop to less than 30% this will get you into very easy competitions.

    I can guarantee that if you do all these you will win the treble every season and your team will be far more successful than many 7-8star teams
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