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Thread: How do you train goalkeepers

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    How do you train goalkeepers

    I know of the 6x GK training x 4 for regular players but how do you actually train goalkeepers really fast.I have an 18 year old I want to squeeze the most of him as possible while he is young but how do I do it

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    There is no fast nor slow way to train a player. All the drills of the same level have the same pace.
    And no one will tell you for sure what skills does a GK need, especially your goalkeeper. It is probably better to concentrate on few skills and use only one drill until those skills are 300-320%. Or maybe not.
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    What I think is too train your goalkeeper up to at least 100% in all their key attributes, but I think throwing, kicking and punching are the least important. In my experience, there are two types of quality keepers, the ones that get ratings of 6 in key games and those that get 7 & 8's. You just gotta play them to find out! Not the best advice I admit.