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Thread: New Player To Game.

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    New Player To Game.

    Hi everyone I'm new here and i know for a fact people get sick of hearing all the same questions every day.
    Been playing the game for a week now and it's hooked me.
    Yes I'm very raw and learning everyday already made mistakes in the transfer market but you got to start somewhere.
    I have read lots from this forum and Al Svanburg true beginners guide has been a great help.
    but I'm still a bit baffled by some of the game.
    I have lots to ask but i will go in with my main problem first.

    Okay my League I've started in i believe is very winnable. I'm a paying customer so i have already invested in numerous tokens and built a team with 5 star players. Something i really should of took more care in with ie ages etc but like i said you learn by your mistakes.
    my questions are

    1. With me being new Level 1 and adding 5 star players at numerous ages is it worth me training the hell out of my players using Green packs and building them up or will it all be for nothing when or if i get promoted or will these players be okay for the next league i join?
    2. Should i concentrate more on my younger 5 star players and build them up rather than my older 5 star players?

    Two more questions for now as i don't want to push my luck.

    3 if i have on training and get the message you need 2-3-4 extra training sessions but my players are fit conditioned do i still have to train them?

    4 On level 1 with teams not being that good is it wise me buying tokens to buy the best players around or is it best to wait till i move up a couple of leagues as with me not having all the current/best training drills i cant train them as good as someone who has.
    or if i see a good 18 year old player should i go for it even though my training drills are still very standard.

    Love the game just need a bit help on certain things.
    Thanks Jon.

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    1. I couldn't translate it, sorry. Too many or-s =] Yes, you should train your players. Yes, it will be partially for nothing, because on promotion they will lose 20% of relative quality. Yes, you will probably get a promotion (what did you ask? xD). Yes, they will be ok next season in the next League, 20% drop is not that much.

    2. Young players get XP waaaay faster than the old ones. Old means older than 21. Every year in age reduces the pace of training by ~15%, as well as every star. I'm not sure in this number, though. It would be nice if someone can confirm it.
    Probably the most optimal strategy is to buy 2-4 18 y/o fast-trainers (if you've read Al's guide, you know what it is) every season to replace your oldest and weakest players. Keep only your best players older 21, mercilessly sell the rest of them. Farm 30 greens every day by watching videos or buy tokens (yes, you don't need to buy tokens if you watch videos). Concentrate on training 11-13 players, your main squad.
    Also, 5 star is nothing. 7-8* is your target, but it's impossible thing to achieve in one season, unless you're a token buyer... Oh, wait :3
    The best bonus training method can be found here.

    3. Do not ignore those messages, your teams performance depends on it (big time!). Train one reserve player with one drill a few times to solve this.

    4. While you are on levels 1-4, you don't understand the game completely. You don't feel its seasonal rhythm in your guts =] And you will inevitably waste your tokens. You can do what you want of course, those tokens definitely won't harm. I can't count your money for you.
    It is a balance between micro-control and efficiency. If you are ready to spend on training 10-15 minutes a day instead of 2-3 minutes, then it is highly recommended to train your players individually. There are just a few good drills for every position. I mean, it's inefficient to train DC with Shooting Technique, for example, or AML with Defending Crosses. When you train your players all together, you are training them skills they don't use.
    Training planner: Look into "How to" even if you don't need it, Theorycraft may be useful.
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    1 - it depends from your oppo and your targets.
    Don't use extra greens to players above 23 y.o.

    2 - it's a mix. You don't have enough greens to have and a full team with young players (also the ft are very expensive for you)

    3 - the only important is to have the 4 X10% bonus from training

    4 - wait a little, read a lot
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    Thanks guys.
    I think i will sit and wait for the rest of the season.
    My team at the moment looks strong enough to get out of this league so i really don't need to go gung ho on new players at the moment. might just let my tokens build and buy more when needed in the future.
    I am farming greens so i will let them build up and use them sparsely and only use them if needed.
    I've sorted the bonus i've got the 4x 10 sorted.
    Thanks for the information.
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