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Thread: Season 102 - Are you ready?

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    Memories... Ive seen that I play again a +1 CL... so, came to my mind the idea to try a record, like when I won 13 CLs of consecutive levels, I wanna try to win as much Super Leagues as I can...... I like a lot this trophy really..... so I'll think in it.

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    Both teams safely through to the next Round of the Cup. Desert Rats FC had a tricky tie against a sprightly -10%Q team, while Holmesdale FC had an easier job of it against a -37%Q opponent.

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-s27-cup-tr-1r-normita-fc.jpg

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-s02-cup-tr-1r-fc-ryiadh.jpg
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    All my new player from this season

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    Finally a contest of jerseys,

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-template3.jpg

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    suggest me some good formation playing 4231 from past 3 season bored with this formation

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    What have I learned from last season? Never give up. I had didn't promote the season before that so I started this season almost with a 7 star team. What could happen right? Well, after 8 games I was the number 13 of the league. What the........??? End of the season I finished second. Quality doesn't say a lot anymore, nor does SA.

    What are my goals for this season? Nothing. I am taking a break from the game so I can open up more time for other stuff. Guys, thanks for the good times the last 4,5 years and all the laughs and tears. Have a good season and maybe till a next game.

    Nordeus, thx for an addictive game. I had really good times with it even though the basic of basics were unknown to me.

    Cheers to all!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by altiplano View Post
    what have i learned from last season?
    It's only just occurred to me that it's actually cheaper (tokens) to buy a 4 star from the auctions than take the token academy player! Doh!

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    What have you learned from last season?

    Don't give up. When I saw this guy in the CL last season I thought I had no chance. Yet, at the end of the day he was upset by Bogdan, and my boys found a way to win a very difficult +1 level CL and another treble. This one felt good too, had to earn it.

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-1-assoc-final4.jpg

    He was upset in the qtr'finals as shown below

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-1-assoc-final-3.jpg

    Here are my semi-final and finals opponents

    Season 102 - Are you ready?-1-assoc-final-2.jpgSeason 102 - Are you ready?-1-assoc-final.jpg

    Where did you place last season?

    Triple Crown

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?


    What's your current level?


    What's your budget for this season?

    I'm saving up tokens and rests, so only buying a couple players. Lets say 30 coins maximum is the budget

    Who do you want to replace?

    MC and DR are priority

    What are your goals for this season?

    End the season with more tokens and rests than I began the season with.

    Which will be your main formation?

    4-5-1v probably. I use 4-2n-3w-1 and 3w-1-2n-3w-1 as well.
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    "Yet, at the end of the day he was upset by Bogdan, and my boys found a way to win a very difficult +1 level CL and another treble"

    With MUTANT players Only "% beleivers" think it could be hard

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    unexpected press event at the room of Nasharak FC

    "Folks, Team, Fans and Friends, it is an honor to be the manager of such a great team. It was an honor to have a time with one of the greatest legends out there. It's amazing, what we made with this club. I overtook the team... if you could call it a team - it was more a punsh of player, on league position 11. After we formed a team, an unit, we won so many trophies. I'm very thankful to all of that. I very thankful about every player who ever was wearing this jersery. I'm very thankful about everybody, who bleed the colors black and green. I'm very thankful about every single fan.
    It's rumored for a while, that I will leave. Today, at this point, I've to say: yes, this is true. This is my last season. I'm really tired, I can't give 100% anymore, so I decided to finish my career after amazing 27 seasons. But now it's time for my wife, my family, my life. I will do my best to leave you all with a last triple.
    Thank you so much for everything, you are great."

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