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Thread: The dark side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxcatl View Post
    Some people laugh at those who spend enormous amount of money on a game.
    Other laugh at those who think that was enormous amount of money.
    not would pay no money by an Association or account.

    PD: My tokens and boosters right now!

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    Asso Fa is the dirtiest place on TE. It is so obvious for all to see what they been doing in Asso and Nordeus know it. Well they need this people to keep their business going and growing (Black Market ).

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    Hey girl, wanna see my platinium association and my team full of fast trainers? I will even name my stadium after you.

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    Hello? Any admins? Hello? Is there anybody there?
    I thought it was against Top Eleven rules to sell accounts?
    15 hours and no reply.
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    No, they - nord-guys do response to reports like this.
    Unfortunately for this guy, he 's gonna loose his asso.
    Too much publicity - lol
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    A noob's fail

    It was back at June of 2014 when I started playing Top Eleven.
    My new team was s..t, I had only the first 50 tokens and I could see all those great players in the market or the scout without being able to buy them
    So far, I didn't have any experience with free to play/ free to pay fb games.
    I bought my mobile 8-9 months ago and played some puzzle or strategy game like the free civ (the Civilization version for mobiles).
    I was playing vs AI and later found a cheat that gave a good amount of starting game money (editing a file).
    I like cheats, most of the times I use them.
    I 'm playing a game without cheats, to test my skills and how far can I ago and then playing again with cheats .
    Well, that's a different game then.
    Exploring more, testing the AI and the scenario of the game, enjoying the landscape and the details of the environment in God Mode without worrying to take a head-shot - lol.

    Sο what I did for TE was to find some cheats.
    My first source was the google of course.
    At that time I wasn't aware of this forum and there weren't those big popular fb groups like today.

    Google gave me a huge amount of results
    - like today if you search

    The dark side-hack-fb3.jpg

    Ok, mine was promising 9.999 tokens
    Enough to buy my favorite players from the scout.
    You had to write the number in a box and proceed.
    Then for having the "key" you had to
    - write in ten TE fb groups the phrase "I won 9.999 tokens from here "
    (they gave you some TE fb links)
    - give an email
    - give your credit card or the number of your mobile.

    I wasn't so naive to give my cc so I gave the number of my 2nd mobile which wasn't with a contract, just had some credits, I think 3-4 $.
    After that, I had some messages from a 5 digit number which sucked all my $ credits.
    With no "key" of course - lol

    Ok, got the point.
    After that, I searched about those fb ftp/ftp games and realized how stupid I was (but not so much).
    And few days later, joined this forum which really helped me.

    So guys, be careful.
    I 'll continue with some examples.
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    Let's see some other frauds
    I 'm a member of two big, popular TE facebook groups and from yesterday I saw a post there.
    A guy who is promising 2000 token
    So to tab this link which leads to that page
    The dark side-hack-fb1.jpg

    then next button, which is asking you to register in your fb account.
    The dark side-hack-fb2.jpg

    actually what you are doing, is to give the mail and your password and let them grab your account

    Probably this is how the captain of this asso lost his account and his group

    * I sent a warning to the adms of those two groups which I know, to ban him but of course there are many others without a clue.
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    A fraud TE fb page
    Some time ago, a friend and member of the Greek forum made a thread, reporting a fake fb page where a friend of him lost some money.

    This fb paged look like some descent TE open group, with many sharing from the original fb page
    The dark side-1-buffon.jpg

    What this fb was promising ?
    That you can get 9.000 tokens with 1 euros

    The dark side-2-offer-10e.jpg

    You have a new recommended for 500 tokens ? Don't worry, now you can have them.
    Sounds logic, isn't it ?

    The dark side-3-offer-10e.jpg

    How ?
    You buy a 10$ itunes card (or from some phone providers) and you send the the credit codes of the card.
    Plus your mail.
    Of course there are some (fake) posts from people who are saying that they got the tokens

    The dark side-4-how.jpg

    and they didn't promise only that.
    They could learn you how to buy a 7*, 119% player from the market

    The dark side-5-7stars-auction.jpg

    or how to get a 16 y.o. () academy player and power train him
    The dark side-6-16-yo.jpg

    of course after some reports, they deleted all the above but they are still there, waiting for things to calm down and to find new suckers.
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    So, there aren't Top Eleven hacks (?) - part 1

    hmm, well it would be silly to say that TE cannot be hacked.
    Some experts hacked NASA, FBI and governments pages. For sure they can hack a fb app.
    But what are the motivations ?

    - destroying, for fun, for some fame, reputation

    Well. it's not a big deal for a special hacker to bring down a fb app, not something to be proud of.
    If someone would hack TE, after some hours the devs would bring it back to normal

    - For some benefit
    Ok, let's say that some hacker loves to play TE and he hacks it.
    He gets unlimited tokens and greens, builds a super team, winning everything for 1,2,3 seasons and then what ? boring
    Like this guy in this team's show case for example.
    This Sith (), made a 9* team, won everything for three seasons and then dropped the game.
    I guess a good hacker has better things to do - lol

    B. Earn some money.
    How comes ? A TE hacker cannot sell his "product" to very few for a big price because it doesn't worth it.
    So must do massive sells, probably from some social channels like in TE fb groups, youtube or from some blog.
    But this will cause some ado, a fuss, managers will start using it and finally will attract some attention from the nord-guys.

    So far, I never saw anywhere some "successful" way of hacking TE.
    All those vids and links are fraud and those pics with some thousands tokens and sources are photoshop products.

    But maybe there are some holes in the system, more about the provider's part.
    For example I 've seen a post about how to break the 30 vids limit of a provider.

    The dark side-supersonic.jpg

    Didn't try that to confirm.
    Those tricks, files, apps have a very high risk and it's not worthy to destroy my device or my personal files for a game.
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    I can say this is the most interesting thread I 've read in the forum lately.

    part 1
    are there more ?
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