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Well as I am new player I decided to try training him to see what happens...
I spent cca 200 rests on him and now he looks like this:
Attachment 107036

I decided to use him for AML position cuz player there isnt that good and would be changed next seasonAttachment 107040

I also added shadow striker atribute...

Will see in next few seasons if it was correct decision cuz getting player for certain position with great skill% can be obtained via scoting by price of 60 tokens and futher trained by rests...which is kinda cheaper

Well I am new so I guess I will see in futher seasons how much of worth is investment into fast trainer

Tnx for advices tho
For future reference, if you are going to add a special ability, do it first before you train up the individual skills. I can't find the post at the moment but it has been shown that a SA will gain faster the lower the skills you are training (for example, train grey defensive skills on an AML/AMC/AMR or train offensive skills on a DL/DC/DR). Once the skills have increases, the SA gain will slow down.

Found it: