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Thread: Do we need two goalkeepers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
    Ah, but he's "proved me wrong", whatever that means - We have three of us encountering this situation within the last week (which constitutes 'proof' for Herdo, unless it doesn't support what he says?), with Cracicot encountering it twice AFTER Herdo's claim. So I don't know what to make of it. There MUST be a logical answer, since we're dealing with computer code, but I can't figure out what it is.

    My best guess is that maybe there's a heavy possession penalty rather than an outright illegal formation penalty? Herdos screenshots would seem to counter that, but I suspect the formations shown weren't the ones played the entire match - 49% seems very high with 1 midfielder vs 3 and equal level teams ..

    I don't know. The devs won't give us a direct answer on this, so we'll just have to keep an eye on it and see if we get more information or if someone comes up with a plausible answer.

    Oh, btw, if I was a 'smart arse' or if I was 'a hypocrite about personal insults', I sure don't see where. Maybe when you dish it out you start seeing your own medicine where there isn't any. *shrug*. I certainly could respond in kind, and it would be crystal clear that I meant personal insult, but frankly my curiousity about this issue has the best of me and I'd rather not have the thread locked just yet.
    Those screens are 100% legit and i never changed the formation at all. I always play wide players against narrow teams and it works well. Its not a heavy possession penalty either as i had 49% all game. Im thinking that maybe playing a defender in goals doesnt incur the 80/20 penalty that playing a striker does? other than that my "supreme" knowledge (lol) is stumped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplySimon View Post
    In real football, there are plenty of examples of an outfield player going in goal because a team has no sub and keeping a clean sheet. Even saving penalties

    This is not an example of the game engine sucking
    Indeed, I have watched a GK get red carded and the replacement come in and save the penalty. I have seen 'Pool do this recently i think. But I have also seen an outfield player donning the gloves and making the penalty save, so it does happen in RL.

    But you have to admit, it is a rarity. For the game engine to simulate this properly, there should be more goals when an outfield player is playing GK. It is NOT an easy position to play and takes a different mentality, and positioning is one of the most important qualities.
    As a GK in ice-hockey, I am fully aware of this.

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