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Thread: Can this game be more stupid???

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    Today lost again 40% weaker oppo 0-1... OMG This game is a joke
    My players having 200+ white skills

    My player was the best rating (8.4 DMC) but of course his GK got a MOM with 8.1

    edit: My second best player was even better than his GK... Im getting feel what Steppenwolf is experiencing lately
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    and just to point out the fact that the matches are fixed, here's another pure example:

    2 days ago i win away 2-0 in first round of the cup. today, in the second round, he got a red card in 28 min. i score, now it's 3-0 agg. but somehow the server don't want me to qualify for the next round. so i got a red card in 78 min, followed by 3 goals for him, 80, 84 and 89. he couldn't score 1 goal in almost 2 matches against me with all players in field but scores 3 goals in 10 players and in 10 minutes and qualifies... this is too much even from gold diggers like nordeus...go f*ck yourselves and bring us back the old version... and if this is not possible you can delete this one because is unplayable, pure garbage.

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    Best Stupid Game
    A team with 88% who loses against a 70% in Association!
    Explain to me your f game or your match gameplay that stinks of **** !! At each attack during the match we do not arrive to score with a f possesion, beautiful scam your game.

    Can this game be more stupid???-capture3.jpg
    Can this game be more stupid???-capture.jpg
    Can this game be more stupid???-capture1.jpg
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    well this wasn't so strange really... 70-88 isn't the difference, if we check out the teams and see that both have 6*s and similar AvQs,
    the game will check out the whole % of quality and dscard few players for the simulation, selecting 6-7 of each team to face each other creating a particular scenario with those players as main protagonists, so, thats is why, for example, a team full of 7*s VS a team with 50%-50% 7*s +1*s can have dispair results, losing the 2nd team 5-0 if the game select the 1*s to face the 7*, or winning 0-2 in opposite case.
    Is a matter of how the game select the scenrios.

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    some catchy stats, Steppenwolf

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    Khris, why do we put efforts in training then ?
    The game decides... not our efforts, but the game... unfair.
    I see no point of training in that case...
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    Vs. a team, 3rd from the bottom... Retarded game...

    Can this game be more stupid???-1vwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steppenwolf View Post
    The answer is - YES!!!

    This is a game from today... Average rating of my team was 8.22 and the score is 2-0 only... The last season I won double with 7.30 average rating... Been short to win treble a season before (lost CL finals) with 7.32 average rating... And 8.22 is not good enough to demolish opponent??? Seriously???

    Attachment 118780
    I also just had a 8,25 average rating, which is the highest I have ever seen and "only" won 2-0 vs 6,8 average rating. I don't know what they mean, the statistics of the game were also quite balanced...

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    Vs. 53% weaker, 100+ kg, 2-3 star players team, from the bottom of the table... They scored 1 goal in 15 games and conceded 80...

    Average rating of my team was 8.35...

    Can this game be more stupid???-1vuuuuuuuu.jpg

    This thing here had 7 saves...

    Can this game be more stupid???-1vuuuuuuuuu.jpg

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    Goal average has decreased
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