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Thread: A message for all new top 11 managers and also for old managers

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    A message for all new top 11 managers and also for old managers

    I am not a new manager but an experience one ... I am not a computer programmer but I strongly believe in power of science and math...

    I have complained many times like many of you about some troll results at certain points through my life time top eleven career before I realize that we start living in a complex world lately and how the small things such as a mobile with very accurate precise things inside it are making MIRACLES comparing to the mentality of our grandfathers who lived 100 years ago...

    Who in 1900 would have imagined and believed that people who live in america and Africa or asia would be able talk and watch themselves instantly through video cam in 2000 ?? etc...

    Technology is advancing very fast ... can you imagine that the Chinese government can recognize any person who is walking in the street instantly though advanced CCTV applications ? what about your telephone finger print or eye print ??

    Same for top 11 ... the game is lately becoming more challenging but many of us are still living in the past and still believe in 1990s RNG !!!

    Many educators / teachers say that children who won't learn about coding , programming , and algorithm will be wasted and left behind ...

    for those of us who are approaching to the end of their life, it's not too late to at least believe in the power of algorithm rather than ignoring it....

    I am pretty sure that Nordeus is not just a gaming company but it's something more deep than we think ... its developers and programs can be

    more sophisticated than all of us can imagine ( i support this option however i could be wrong ) or this company is just running an outdated business based on old programs such as RNG ( those who support this 2nd option always talk a lot about troll) .... It's quite difficult for each group to bring proves and evidences that support their view point because Nordeus hides it's secrets and don't show transparency policy ...

    Now my advice for top 11 and managers who are are looking for perfection ( gaining 4 trophies ) lately the programmer have made such perfection more difficult than even before (becoz of competition) so you must make your moves as if you are are playing chess !

    Any single mistake can kill your king (against any opponent no matter weak he is ) and perhaps end your dream in a quadruple or triple...

    Don't underestimate any factor... such as the two factors of " winning streak" and "unbeaten streak"... don't ignore them : they are not there for decoration as some managers will try to convince you ...

    Dear Managers, we are living in a developed advanced football world where scientists and programmers study WHY Ronado is a phenomenon

    we are living in a world where most coaches have teams of scientists who work behind the scenes to help them make decisions and analyze the weaknesses of their opponents ... etc...

    I believe that TOP 11 results are generated according to precise calculations that take tens of small and big factors into consideration with a different value for each factor before the result is made ... again I can be wrong and top 11 would be nothing except an outdated business

    Those who don't understand how algorithm in 2020 works will continue moan , object , and believe in RNG like if we are still living in 1995 !

    if you still can't believe in advanced technology and how far it has reached and the future technologies and plans and researches in all means of life and if you still believe that demons are helping humans to carry the live video conversation instantly from one part of the world with the other that no body will ever be able to help you and you will continue to blame this game for what's so called troll results...

    I always ask myself when would managers stop posting comments on the most big top called " troll results " ???

    when it's going to be the right time for them to understand that what's so called trolls are nothing but a planned defeat / tie against a weaker opponent or a draw/ tie or victory yes a victory against a much stronger opponent ( no body talk about such king of trolls wondering why ) after a series of XY matches or because manager number 948586 failed to deal with factor HUO or/and WED to keep the game (football) results somehow unpredictable that takes into consideration human errors ( e.g. messi can miss a penality ... ) ....

    For those managers who object the troll results they should realize that football games cannot logically be programmed as online chess programs although that they could technically be so... why ? because a chess move from B1 to A 3 is not similar nor accurate to a short pass on football field ... but I understand what you want ... you want football to be like chess ... smartest moves always win .... I think that would not come to reality before 2030- 2040 ... until that time cheer up and don't let any virtual program ( top 11 - facebook - twitter - youtube - television show) affect your mentality and personality because such programs are not reality and they are meant and programmed to sway you the way their developers want you to go / do / believe etc.. and be ware of the

    #Blue_Beam Messiah / Aliens etc.. Projects

    I wish you good preparations for this season
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    silly and dissillusional post. you cleary weren't around when this game was great
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie72 View Post
    silly and dissillusional post. you cleary weren't around when this game was great
    He's actually spot on.
    The game engine is one gigantic set of dice rolls with every single action you do influencing, however slightly, the outcome.
    And because it's all down to probabilities it means that there are no 'set' results just because one team is better than the other, but the chances of the better team winning are better then them losing.
    I've played thousands, and I mean thousands, tens of thousands maybe, games of backgammon over the years and the similarities of outcome to this game are quite striking when analysing that many dice rolls.
    There have been 'impossible' runs of scores, and many times I've questioned the 'bad luck', but funnily enough we never question the 'good luck'.
    And that is with a pair of dice with no random factors or influence.
    Imagine this game with hundreds of extra small permutations, each having a 0.01% effect on the probable outcome? Over a thousand games the better team will always win the majority, but over 10 games say then these odds are drastically reduced, and in a one-to-one there's about a 20% chance of an upset unless the teams are way different.
    Troll results are just the lesser probability happening, but it will happen.
    Even today in the Cup, I was 4-2 down from the first leg, playing at home 1-1 with 10 mins to go and opponent got a player sent off, I scored from the free kick and then got a goal in the 89th minute and went through on away goals.
    Now did I troll him, or did the dice just run favourably?
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    Both are in their own way describing RNG and the results of. Exactly what I wonder Palestine thinks comprises an RNG if it isnt one or a set of interacting algorithms ?
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    For me..take it easy..bro..I'm not the most experience here but Level 70 is not that my advice to you is rest and relax..u play for fun..u actual losing nothing in your life by playing this..u failed this season..the next one u can correct the even can win the super cup..I think the developer they actually did very good job by providing the good platform to play with..
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    IMO you're taking this too seriously. And isn't easy to explain the differences between the actual simulator and the old one...