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Thread: Topic with no title

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    Wink Topic with no title

    Well i don`t want it closed or myself banned so here goes, as we all know we had cup games today and i won last season, god know`s how but this season my first game was against a level above and won at home 2-1, going to be tough away game but how did you do with your 1st leg ?
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    I won my Cup game against someone 2 levels above too!

    Won 2-0 at home

    Topic with no title-cup-prelim-2-0.jpg

    Thinking of going 4-1-4-1 or just sticking to 4-5-1V

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    4-1 away, against level 8 2 levels and 1 quality higher, with an exhausted team!
    Someone decided to play a friendly against me yesterday evening and my match was at 4 am. :-(
    (yes, I unfriended him, NEVER play friendlies. - the friendly feature is the biggest problem with the game )
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    It's my non-token buying team, Troll City that always get the good results in the RR Cup. they won 4-0 today against higher level opponents.

    July Fourth on the other hand were soundly beaten 5-1 by higher level opponents.

    Token Buyers clearly are disadvantaged if they are a middle of the road team on a server.
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    Won 3-0 away to a team 2 lvls higher. think he was about 1-2 quality better, but not present and he had no support either whereas i had 3 friends watching.
    I expect to be eliminated from Cup pretty soon though - pretty much all teams in my Cup is 2-3 lvls higher than me, so chances are very slim i'll get very far.

    My non-token buying acc had a 3-0 walkover today :/ kinda crap as i could really use the packs, and while training instead of match i got an injury ofc :/
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    Won 0-2 out, with a team 2 levels up of mine.
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    I won 2-1 at home. Kind of pissed 'cause my opponent score a 89' goal off a corner.

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    lost 2-0 but not bothered!
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    Just drew 0-0 away against an abandoned team (2 levels higher than me) with a ST in goal (who got an 8). Had 80% possesion, morale, and energy 99% and the better quality but the game engine decided it isn't enough. If i don't qualify tomorrow i'll quit the game because there's really nothing more i can do.