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Thread: When you know the game is out to get you...

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    When you know the game is out to get you...

    Not diss-similar to another post I just saw I guess about troll results, but I want my own lime light lol. So today's result was just so clearly predictably coded to happen no matter what, it's laughable.

    So going in to today's game, I'm top of the league, undefeated, and literally only dropped points once. 94% and today I was playing 2nd place, who is 90%. Now I know the game has a bit of a soft spot for this guy already, as it's season 9 and the guy has won the league 8 times!

    What was clearly supposed to happen today is the game wanted me to lose 0-3 at home no matter what I did!. It's intention was that one of my players would get 2 yellow cards in a very short space of time, I'd be down to 10 men and that would be the game's way of justifying how a moderately weaker team beat me 0-3 at my home ground. However, as soon as my centre mid got a yellow card though, I knew what it was trying to do, so I very quickly substituted him. Guess what? My sub got a yellow card literally the first action after that. Co-incidence? I don't think so. There was an algorithm set to double yellow card my right sided centre midfield position, I can guarantee it. Only the reason I subbed him stopped it from being the same player.

    However I was always going to lose 0-3, this was just going to be the games excuse. How do you know when the game has it in for you? You often concede a goal where a shot comes in from outside the area which comes back off your keeper, back to the same player, and they then score from the second shot. Your best players all miraculously are averaging 6.3 to 6.6 throughout the games. The AML and AMR being no1 and no3 on the league goal scorer charts at that! And no2 and No5 on the top rated charts too! And yes in real life world class players have off days, I know, but not in this "coded algorithmic" fashion.

    On a different topic, the amount of times that a player gets injured in an association game, which of course doesn't count, but then that same player gets injured in the first competitive game after is a joke. Again it's so obviously coded to happen.

    Moan over.

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    Sol Survivor its a good practice to substitute players with yellow cards even in real football, you know in real football players often get two yellow cards for making fouls not for some wierd conjunction of forces against them...

    If the player has 8 out of 9 championships this means two things

    1. He's competent
    2. He's lucky with the draws

    Focus on your game and learn how to improve it don't blame the monster inside the box...

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    Although I understand your frustration, the 4% difference in quality is negligible. It is absolutely aggravating to feel that the game has it out for you, but wait until you are 20% stronger than all teams and you get 3-4 trolls in a season and lose out to a team 22% weaker. That is a kicker.
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    I know it hurts but you gotta take the knocks. It sucks but you just got to. I lost the cup final against a team who was rated lower than me last night 2-4 and all the game said negative about me was, "they performed better". You just gotta move on. Sometimes in the league, you lose and you go 2nd for like a day and then you get a fun laugh the next round or two when that guy picks up a loss against a 10th place team and you win the league anyway. And hey, if you don't, you just gotta learn from your mistakes this season and go harder next season. I bet thats what Jurgen Klopp is thinking right now after barely losing the league to Man City last season, it hurts but it happens and you have to move on.
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    I bet you didn't send a fruit basket to @Lian. How else do you think the rest of us keep winning titles and cups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horcrux View Post
    I bet you didn't send a fruit basket to @Lian. How else do you think the rest of us keep winning titles and cups?
    Luck plays a big part in the game. You can be good but if luck hits you at the wrong time, then you lose the trophy.