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Thread: The Reasons Top Eleven is Terrible.

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    bigest problem here is that nordeus must ,once for all, decide is this is real life situation game or luck game
    It cant be after trol match- big teams lost vs weak teams in real life, but after pointing on negotiations in last week instead first, goalies taking corners without any fear of counter, heavy injures that can be healed betwen matches, and young players loosing quality every season instead growth etc etc answer is- it´s just a game
    If it is luck game i rather play casino games,if it is manager game than allow me to manage, dont expect me to embrace fact that team without manager, training,spectators and with low quality and morale beat me and assistant nailed with comment - it just wasnt to be

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    I posted in several posts in the forum how Nordeus could resolve most of the issues most of us have with the game which is practically the same issues. the game needs to undergo a very thorough overhaul. the concept of the game is good the structure stinks. They keep saying they try to simulate the real game but that could not be further form the truth. There are a lot more negatives than the ones mentioned. For example, where in the universe does a team play two or even more matches per day? nowhere ever! this needs to be changed, this is another reason why we cannot properly train, and rest the team before another match. Matches can not be played veer at ungodly hours such as 2-3-4-5 AM. this needs to change, we should not play teams in time zones 14 hours away, and the limit should be 6 hours + or- also the structure of the leagues and CL and Cup need changes. The Leagues should be structured as 6 promotional leagues, where the first four placements promote for example one starts in league 6 or F, and if they place first, second, third, and fourth they promote to league 5 or E, and so on until you reach League 1 or A. The last four of each are relegated to the lower league for example from 5 to 6 from 1 to 2 etc. The teams that promote DO NOT LOSE % but stay the same. only the ones that are relegated lose the 20% teams who do well should not be punished for doing well in fact they ought to be rewarded which brings me to the rewards for placements and winning leagues CL and Cups. TOKENS and BOOSTERS. In addition, as in the real game ONLY the first three in the 1 or A league qualify for the CL the 4th to 7th placement for the Cup. Winners of the competitions also should get TOKENS and BOOSTERS in addition to the money prize and trophy. The teams that reach the 1 or A league stay there as well as all those in the other ones that do not promote and relegate. This will aid managers to rebuild and improve their teams not to demote and lose the 20% or to promote to win the rewards and compete for a real objective which is reaching the top league. This system would prevent most managers from tanking because there would be no need to do so and there would actually be more incentive to do better and perhaps even invest in a game where things are more rewarding, all the other programming issues mentioned here however need to be fixed once and for all, but even if these programming issues persist but they reprogram the game to be as I said it would still be a lot more fun to play and much more rewarding, then we probably would not complain as much about them. If we had a better shot at doing better and have better rewards for success then maybe we could overlook some other discrepancies. although I still think the things mentioned ought to be fixed absolutely. Indeed all the things mentioned that are wrong are indeed very wrong. It does make me laugh in a way, for example, how can a player with 150% creativity be so boring and do the same things over and over, with no fantasy at all? Once in a great while, you see some different plays that actually leave you surprised, for example lately I have seen many more attempts of some players doing lobs over the GK to score however true that players miss way too much and do the most incredulous things that make no sense. I agree they do things that are caused by the programming on purpose such as stopping in front of the ball when they would have simply kicked it and most likely scored. I saw GK come out in the box and stop and stay still like a statue and get scored on. It's insane
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