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Thread: My theory is consistency impt for captain

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    This is more simple to explain and understand than what it seems, the tactics/formations that make you lose, make others win titles. This is how the perception thing works, everyone believes it's own reality, and top eleven have millions accounts so, everybody have it's own reason based in what they experience, even if they say that the best tactics selection is X, Y or Z vs whatever.
    The team configuration is something very particular of each account really, and there's no posible guide in a tactical sense for that reason. Yeah, Ive played a DC and 4 DMC's (DML-DMCx2-DMR) and with the correct players, Ive won titles. We have managers playing without STs... without wingers.... even using a ST as GK, so..... no, the game don't use a tactical common sense. Believe me when I say that Top Eleven, always has been, a puzzle style game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsnoopy View Post
    I don't think a GK being on the other end of the field is able to have a good overview of the field. I doubt he can see the one third of the field near the opponent, which means he cannot visualise his attacking fielders and strikers properly, and also the opponents defence. It's a very wide field if u have been in a full size football field before.
    He can definitely look through the back line to see up to midfield, the only area of "problem" anyway. You want to score but you win 1-0 if you are solid in that area, the area a manager would have real problem with anyway unless it was 0-0 with 77' left.

    Idk about ur gk but the gk I watch is Lloris and he is constantly screaming and gesturing to adjust the back and midfield before he kicks/after he saves and he is also captain

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    In that case only the camera man would be the perfect captain xD
    Not even the camera man as his camera only covers one particular area. Probably the events camera director who can see the entire field with all the cameras feeds to him.

    Or the viewer at home with those new age TVs whereby he can swap view angles or see multiple views at any one time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsnoopy View Post
    Is it? Reason why I think might not be cosmetic is it's in the same layout selection as all the other non cosmetic positions -- free kick, corner kick, penalty, etc. Strange that only the slot for captain is cosmetic.
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    And did you guys motice that only th GK has a skill as communication..

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