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Thread: Diary of a manager. Season 4 - Day 4 - Black Wednesday.

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    Diary of a manager. Season 4 - Day 4 - Black Wednesday.

    Dear diary.

    Today when I woke up, I did not know I would live a nightmare like this, but a coach has to be prepared for all situations even the more unlikely.

    The night before I had already checked the schedule for this Wednesday and it was not really nice to team.

    2 games out with a break of 15 minutes between them. Never happened so far with a very short time period... and worse, I could not change the schedule of any game, remeber both are out.

    Okay, nothing to do. We will arrange the best strategy for this.

    13:54 - Game league, the opponent is not so difficult to beat, and fortunately his formation fits well on mine, let's do it.

    End result, we won 0-1. Not bad all going well so far. Except I have one more injured player to join to another that I had since the first day of the season. This is mormal, I think...

    I have to hurry to change all attack team, and recover all the defense with green boosters for them withstand the whole game.

    14:09 - Game cup (I am not a big fan of this competition, but nothing to do I must to play).

    End of the game we lost 3-1 but the worst was not the defeat but the 4 injured players we had.

    Rather, it is not normal and I leave you now the current panorama of the team and with 2 more games tomorrow and I need to go to the shopping to buy red boosters or I cannot make a decent formation to the games.

    That's my "beautiful" black Wednesday that I wanted share with all of You.

    Who said a life coach was easy?
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    My black wednesday too...interrupted my series of 47 league games unbeaten

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    You forgot "The end"?! Or is the beautiful-black-wednesday still hunting you ?

    Nah, but that was to pitty and "bad luck". In a situation like that,I would probably thrown my entire bench in the league game and saved the 1th line-up for the CUP. Now, as you are a little bit of short of DR-DC-DL, you could have playing with them and just "heal" them after instead of the entire squad.

    3 - 1 isn't bad, but it isn't good either. You need to win by 2-0 at home or at least get +2 (or 3-1 and take it to xtra time). I suggest you go all in in the return with 2+2 strikers/wingers (4-2N-2W2) and attack, attack!

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    Since when has DAY 4 of the season been known as 'Black Wednesday'

    I have always called DAY 14 and DAY 15 of a season (Saturday and Sunday) as 'Middle Weekend' Since its the middle of the league season coming up (Round 12 and Round 13) and your Cup and CL competitions move into the later stages.


    DAY 7 and DAY 8 = First Weekend
    DAY 21 and DAY 22 = Third Weekend
    DAY 28 and DAY 1 = Update Weekend

    Saying that mind... We had a bit of a Black Wednesday ourselves...

    Our Youth player arrives this morning and we were looking for a DEFENDER or MC and turns out to be a DMR/MR a position we didn't need, we were going to train this player to 7* and give a SA but when you don't get the position you need, youth player goes in the bin.

    We got a scout update and finally a good scout appeared on the list and guess what? he is a striker and I don't need a new striker.

    We also got 3 players injured in total today (1 in friendly, 2 in competitive match) BUT we got an important 1-0 away win at our biggest challengers in the league this season today.
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    nsretkovic ... El Shaarawy lower then 10% condition ... i wonder how you had 47 games unbeaten in a league !!

    Casper i feel sorry for you and at the same time laughing about this game ... 2 matches with no-time between them and ... 5 injury after using boosters and all the effort ... you received a big shit !

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    Yikes! that's brutal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro Edu View Post
    nsretkovic ... El Shaarawy lower then 10% condition ... i wonder how you had 47 games unbeaten in a league !!
    I did not want to let El Sh. in the game. But Xavi is injured and then I place (mc) put El Sh. My team always have 80-100% condition but I started PT at al El Sh.because he was not scheduled to play in the game.