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Thread: Hello. Question about multiple accounts !

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastsiderSG View Post
    You make a fine salesperson HeavenAAA! They should hire you as their mystery forum participant
    I have called Nordeus out for their incompetence out far too often that I am probably within their ban list for everything. Lol
    Winning is a form of art. Consistently winning is a show-hand of skills and luck.
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    I hope i am not in any trouble here? Yes i was only making sure all players are aware so there is more account creation.
    Personally i think that more accounts will be created to take advantage of social features and these numbers will definitely make up for those leaving the game.

    Constructive criticism should always be welcomed but sadly many players here expect the company to understand their difficulties but make no effort to put themselves in a developers shoes. Suggest win win solutions instead of always cornering them with threats and demands
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