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Thread: Condition in association games

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    Thanks mate. Got a link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arphaxad View Post
    I know that the players' condition is the same after an association game as before it. But what condition do they enter a game with? If all my players are at 70-75 % before an association game, will they enter it with that condition level?

    If someone knows the answer, I'm also curious to learn how the performance of a player is affected by the condition level. Does a 70 % condition player perform worse than if he had 99 % condition and if so, do we have an idea of the relation/ratio between performance and condition? What charasteristics/behaviours are affected by condition level, i.e. do they avoid taking offensive runs if condition level is low, do they become more prone to injury etc? Any thresholds to look out for, i.e. a player performs equally good between 75-99 % condition, performance drops below 75 % and a further drop should be expected below 60 % etc.
    70-75% condition into the game is still normal. My own thought initially was that they would perform badly and that would blame decision not to top them up before the match until the friendly championship came to change it.

    My players were superb playing with 75% condition and at times perform better compare to when they have 99% condition each. Another thing is, it's a way of saving your rest packs to do better things on the players.

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