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No, the other guy just didn't quote me, so it looks like he's saying what I'm saying.
Either way, I do take on board what he says (that the first few seasons might be easy), but I've got friends who've played TE for a few years and they've only ever got 2nd or 3rd place trophies in all that time. I'm not saying I'm a great player... just that, staying on topic, ST isn't 100% vital in a game, and that your players' condition is also very important.
Most things are very important ,none are 100% important. Forget any idea that this game resembles real football in any way ,it doesnt. Most important is to train players according to white skills although for some reason a ST with speed of 180% cannot outrun a DC with speed of 60%. This is a number generated game with an element , very small these days ,of skill. All you can do is weight the "dice" in your favour with everything you do. Do formations matter ? yes but it might add a couple of % in your favour and that is all. Team orders? same thing and etc so dont get too hung up on any one or two things being of prime importance because they arent. This forum is full of guys whining that their 120% team got beaten by a 95% team , it happens ,of course it happens but I would bet that 97% of the time that 120% team will beat that 95% team BECAUSE the manager has put more things in his teams favour and that is all.