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Thread: Tekken Light O.M.A. Tournament

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    Tekken Light O.M.A. Tournament

    We come from this main idea:

    First question, why we call it light? because we will get rid for now of the "attacks" that each character had in the first thread, so, we will do a easy version to emulate the Tekken Fights using the Top Eleven matches.

    So, for those who already played Tekken, you already know that it was a classic arcade game available in many consoles since the 90', and it was about fighting.
    You could choose a character and play combats against the other characters, every character had different attacks and once the life bar of a fighter was emptied, the other fighter won the round by KO, or, perfect if his bar still 100% full vs the empty bar of the defeated opponent.

    I planned firstly a elaborated Tekken with the idea to consideer every team as a fighter with 4 or 5 Life Points, with different attacks assigned to cause damage, like, damage by goals, assists, FKs, corners or only assists + DC's goals meaning this that we could have 10 characters with different ways/strategies to cause damage but for now we forget about this and we will try something way more simple.

    We will have 16 teams, each one will represent a Tekken Fighter -we will allow to repeat a character only 3 times max. -

    We will play, all rounds from 1/16 until we have a winner, and this will play against the 2 Final Bosses.
    The candidate, will be declared Winner of the tournamment, by defeating the 1st final boss, and will be declared Absolute Winner by defeating the 2 Final Bosses.
    We have 50T reward for the Absolute winner, but if he/she loses vs the 1st or 2nd final Boss, these will be shared in a 35T for the Candidate, and 15T for the boss proportion.

    A fighter can represent his national Federation so if he wins, he will become the next 1st boss and a player from the same Federation will be selected as 2nd boss.

    Each Match will be considered as a Round. The particular combat VS an opponent will be called Stage. So, a stage, can have 3 Rounds as Max. and to reach the next oppo/stage, you will need to earn 2 Round points.

    To win a Point, you will need to score the 3rd Goal, during a match before your opponent. If this happens during the 90' the Point will be earned by the fighter that scored in first place the 3rd goal.

    -During the 90' no team scored a 3rd goal but theres a winner, with a 1-0 2-0 or 2-1 score, the fighter of the winner team earns the Round point too.
    -The score after 90' still in a draw 0-0 1-1 2-2, the ET will count, winning the Round point, the fighter that achieves the 3rd goal.
    -If after the ET the score is 1-0 2-0 2-1 for a fighter, this wins the point.
    -With a draw by 0-0 1-1 2-2 in the 120' the PKs will decide -PKs round winner, not who achieves in 1st place the 3rd goal in the PKs round, as this would be a Local team advantadge-

    If, after 2 rounds, the score is 1-1 points, a 3rd match will be needed to determine the Stage Winner, and we will alternate the Local team in every round.


    -99'9% of Quality in the starting 11.
    -The Second Final Boss will be allowed to have +8% of AvQ so 107,9%
    -The starting 11 needs to have players with 20% of quality as min'.
    -No limit in the substitutions, but a replaced player can not be changed for another with more Quality in the individual substitution/player per player sub'.
    -Against the Final Bosses, the Candidate will have the 1st and the 3rd Games at Home.


    Once a team, scores the 3rd goal, you can switch to Low Pressure + Zonal Marking to reduce the condition consumption and do the subs you want to lower the AvQ.


    Heihachi and Ogre aren't available, as these are the Final Bosses.
    Tekken Light O.M.A. Tournament-tekken-light-characters.jpg

    REGISTER: 16 max. --Please add your Association #Tag to play with the FA Friendlies / Team Name / and select a Fighter+**National Federation if you are willing to represent one**
    ?- Nicho inscription
    Pedro pablo-
    Assad Butt -
    Muh. hafidz -Indonesia president -FOREST LAW
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    I will join with my 2nd team
    Team name: Top11
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    Forgot to mention that fighters can represent a federation, which will win this trophy if they win the tournament. A said the 2nd boss will belong to the same federation as the winner if we do a next edition.

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    We still having space for new managers.

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    Bump** still soeme free spots available.

    Remember that this is like a regular tournament, just we play for 1 point per match, and, if a team scores the 3rd goal, the match is over and the point is given.