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Thread: Tournament - Communities Dragons Cup - Season 148

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    Tournament - Communities Dragons Cup - Season 148

    We are preparing a tournament for next season, the 148, to test some new rules that will be implemented in the next CLs and different tournaments, 5 subs allowed and the elimination of the away double goal value.

    So we will play a 1vs1 tournament, 114,9% AvQ with players from the starting 11 at 20%min.
    5 substitutions allowed from 1% never exceeding the quality of the 1v1 player these replace in each case.
    No double goal criteria so in case of double draw, like 0-0/2-2 1-1/0-0 etc the extra time of the 2nd game will determine the winner.
    If the score after the 2 legs is a draw (1-3/2-0 = 3-3 etc) we will play a 3rd game in the field of the same team that hosted the 2nd leg, as will be considered as extra time of the same match.

    The managers will represent a existing community -with some antiquity, created at least one year ago if posible-, or, a national Federation if they want in case that there is no main community for a language.
    The winner will earn 30Tokens.

    Feel free to register, name, association TAG and community you represent.
    Any community admin is free to give extra rewards to motivate his representatives or give extra gifts for any winner.
    Tournament - Communities Dragons Cup - Season 148-oma-communities-dragons-cup.jpg
    We will edit this shield with the community winner emblem in the center.

    Juan Sanchez Moreira
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