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Thread: Returning! Can someone bring me back up to speed?

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    Returning! Can someone bring me back up to speed?

    Hi guys,

    I have played T11 on and off for the best part of 10 years. Seen many different changes throughout my time here, as I am sure many of you have! Please bring back the old player market system (but that's a debate for another day!)

    I logged back in, and wow! Lots of changes have taken place, obviously, I heard about 3D through social media but that's not the only change. What's this about grand shots and boost lab? Advanced training? Playstyle? And what are your thoughts on them? Is it any good? Guessing the token inflation has continued?

    For context, I think I left about a month or two after they introduced weather.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Matty,

    Boost lab in my opinion is very constly and gives you some advantage if you intend to build up 8 or 9* players in the academy, so i never used it.

    The shots are linked to the playstyles, you must get purple packs in the shots in order to develop the playstyles of you player, another costly add on, i only use the free packs so my players playstyles are really low, but can't say i notice a great diference.

    By advanced training you mean video exercises? That is a very cool add on that enables you to chose determined white skills for your player.

    Token inflation is at its most but it is fairly simple to earn a lot of them, spetially if you enter a diamond or supreme assotiation.

    Also there are events twice a season instead of once.