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Season 167 kicks off in a big way! A brand new community-requested feature has arrived - the Season in Review report, adding a new layer of depth to the managerial experience for football masterminds worldwide!

Thanks to this newly introduced report with an expanded overview of statistics, you’ll be able to look back at your club's performance from the past season - from seasonal stats and achievements in competitions to individual player performance and growth. Let’s dive right in and check it out!

Season in Review Overview

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Season in Review becomes available on the first day of each new season and summarises your performance from the past campaign in one place. The report can be accessed through the Manager - Trophies section at any time, or through the Assistant report during the first week of the season.

The season number displayed in this screen will now show the global season count - we are currently in Season 167!

Important: The feature is available on the Top Eleven version 23.9 and higher, so make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

The Season in Review report consists of 3 pages:
  1. Overview
  2. Standings
  3. Squad

1. Overview

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The first page of the report gives an overview of your performance in the past season, displaying important stats and trophies won in one place. From Wins and Goals to new information such as the % of Matches attended, it reflects statistics and achievements from official competitions (League, Cup, Champions/Super League and Super Cup). The more trophies you win, the more impressive it will look!

Tip: Try moving your phone around to see the trophies from a different angle.

2. Standings

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The second page of the report breaks down your club’s performance and final standings per each official competition you participated in. From standings to form and stats, this comprehensive overview is where you can analyse in greater detail your club’s cumulative records and successes per competition.

That’s not all! Last season’s Top Scorer, Top Assist and Top Rated leaderboards are also included and now accessible through this section of the report. Simply tap on one of the players to open it!

3. Squad

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The last page gives you additional means to analyse your squad’s performance and growth on an individual level. Mark a player from the list to open his statistics. The data shown here represents cumulative statistics from all official competition and gives a detailed overview of how a player did in the last season.

Within the Performance tab you can find an expanded list of individual stats for players that give your analysis a new angle, such as Win rates with and without the player, Expected goals (xG90) and Key passes. If you want to learn more about which areas helped your player grow and progress, tap on the Growth tab to see the sources of player growth in a brand new layout.

Check out your stats from last season now and put them towards your strategy for the competitions ahead. Jump over to this thread to share your seasonal report, thoughts on the feature and brag about your favourite achievement from the last 28 days!

Best of luck this season, Managers!