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Thread: Tactical orders

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    Tactical orders

    on the tactical side, this game is very stagnant. In order to coach properly a team the options we have are too generic and not designed for proper true football coaching tactics. The more I know about football the more I know this game is rigged to have the outcomes the simulator algorithms give it regardless of most of the tactical and formation orders we give the team. The tactics should be such that we can actually give each player certain orders and positions on the pitch and they should keep them until we change them at any time, these arrows or where we place the players on the pitch do not work almost at all.

    I see my players too often out of position and this makes a difference even in the shooting accuracy or positioning of marking an opponent man or zone. I do not think that the game honors our tactical orders very well even because they are too generic and the computer I believe is not properly calibrated to withhold the tactics we give it. Drastic changes are needed all around in this game besides this one.
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    The game have a own way to simulate the tactics, think that the engine have a own way to read the information and convert it into animations, and this is way complex...

    Basically each match has a scenario affected by few parameters and this need to be resolved so to earn the win, always taking into account that the quality between teams sets a distance an chanaces to win the opponent, and then basically the most important think is to pay attention to the possession bar, find the real center of it which is displaced from the 50% almost always, and then adjust tactics to what give you the control.
    Then as a recomendation, if something works, dont touch it, even if a tactical change is made with realistic tactical purposes like defend a score.
    This tend to fail because of the own game nature, that only simulates in a unidirectional way, simulating ony attacking actions from the team who control the bar possession, so if attack mentality give you the chances, and bar control, dont switch to defensive as this can turn the balance.

    Think that its so complicated to convert data in realism, still, Ive always defended that some adjustments can make the differance and create a competitive ambient.