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Thread: Yes, this is a RANT !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cracicot View Post
    Injuries from PT or from a regular game? I have no sympathy for PT injuries
    8 were from PT this season, but likewise I don't mind the injuries from PT as they are factored in with the extra boosters I buy for PT.
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    i do find it strange that i havent encountered any of these problems so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HaHaSa View Post
    the best thing: i had a match, made a substituted, guess what happened 5 minutes later?... the substitude guy got injured so i had to substitude the substitude
    lol, you don't know what happened to me once... I subsituted one player and in the SAME minute he got injured! He didn't even touched the ball!! I doubt if he actually stepped on the pitch... And guess what, it was my 3rd and final substitution... so I had to play with 10 players for the rest of the game -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by -NMR- View Post
    Same here, 4 injuries in 4 days, and this is the final straight line to competition finals, I compare myself to you lucky enough to have "only" around 10 injuries during the season, but every game I now get 1 injury, and the last one, 2 of my major players got injured by fouls in only 3 minutes (and they were fully fitted), I was only able to cure one of them (of course the opponent received only "one" poor yellow card). Today, I have a league game (which is useless as I am already champion), I put my worst players, but I am sure I will lose one of them anyway, and 2hrs later I play a decisive game for the CL 1/2 finals 2nd leg.

    I know they tried their best to approach reality, but injuries do not reflect that at all. It's just very badly programed, and we are not only 1 or 2 people to complain about it.
    And guess what? Of course it had to happen. One more MC down (and this one is the second time in 8 days), I have no more subs for the MC position by now, if by chance I will play the CL Final, that will be funnier and funnier.

    I thought the game would start with an empty position if you didn't substitute the injured player but no, the game just pickup randomly any player to fill the gap.

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    i just got 3 injuries in a game. FML

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    i have to say that the problem excisted for me for 5 levels..this level the miracle happened...5-6 injuries till today ONLY.

    Maybe,cause i lost the league easily and played with lots of subs the league games (while my focus is on CL),OR
    Maybe they develop the game...(looooooooooooooooooooooooooool)
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    Quote Originally Posted by -NMR- View Post
    And imagine if you didn't have enough subs, you would play with empty positions! I personally didn't replace one of my injured player for the league game of this evening, I will then play 10 VS 11, f*** it, I prefer to keep one more chance for the 1/2 finals.
    dude you are right!!! i had f**ing 3 injuries in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

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