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Thread: Season 41

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan O'Bree View Post
    what pisses me off is that we get trolled over the season, but THEY never get trolled even if they seek for it.
    The explanation is simple: they invested (read:bought) more T then you did.

    Just imagine if they (he) lost and you passed? They would lose a heavy buyer (important customer). Why do you think DS on my server is playing the CUP finals every season in and out (despite being semi-active the first 2 weeks) with the ****ty 4-4-2 WD formation ?

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    I would like to get some advice from you senior players :-) (I mean players with lots of expierience :-) )
    I made it to the cup-final, and there I'll meet the first worthy opponent in this cup :-)
    Can you tell me how I could organise my team so I'll have the most chance of winning the final?
    This is his team:
    Season 41-rmfc.jpg

    And this is my team:
    Season 41-my-team.jpg

    Any idea's that might help me?
    Team: TBA Soon - Season 2 - Level 2

    Season 1: 4th
    Season2: Ongoing (1st at the moment)

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    finished the first leg of the CL semi finals yesterday 1-1 at home. pretty bad result but I hope we can make a mini comeback in the second leg.

    today's league match we played against the 3rd place team and beat them 5-1 away. what a great game, also took their place in the 3rd place and there's a pretty tight race to the 3rd and 4th place between 4 teams.

    the table:

    anyway if I finish in the 3rd place right behind the 2 full 6* and 7* teams this league season will actually be a little successful.
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    Wardley massive 1-3 July Fourth

    July Fourth Win 3-1 On Aggregate.
    Wardley massive 118.6 3N-3(ML-MC-MC)-2(AMC-AMR)-2 - July Fourth 119.5 4-5-1 V then 4-2-3-1 45 minutes then 63 minutes 3W-1-3W-1-2

    After the tense 0-0 draw this match was just as tense and in the beginning Michu got off to a flyer with running with the ball and being brought down just outside the area from Andreasson and Andreasson got away with a yellow card but with Michu playing such a key role he was forced off injured and to be replaced by Papaleo in the first few minutes of the game, we stuck to the 4-5-1 V, But chances were coming for both teams... O'Sullivan had a couple of chances for us on the wing and Arevalos and Shafie were trying to find away past our defence, we were hit by a counter attack when Andreasson broke clear and he passed it to Grecu when through on goal... 2 of the centre backs teaming up for the goal when they had such an attacking formation that was a pain to play against, we brought on Vestergaard at HT and went 4-2-3W-1 as we tried took for answer to Wardley massives strong position at this point of the game, Again Acosta getting forward was cut out by Ramirez and Shafie's cross was blocked by Malik, next the game changing moment occured when Shafie's challenge then caused Stuart to be injured and we decided to bring on Pietropaolo since we didn't have a like for like replacement and we changed our shape to 3W-1-3W-1-2 with bringing the wingers back to midfield and we finally found some joy and afterwards Miku ran with the ball and crossed into the box and Pietropaolo scored with a header, he only has 6 goals this season but this one is mightly important as this would put us through on away goals. Next it was Miku with a shot and found the back of the net from distance to retake the lead as July Fourth's topscorer, it looked like we were going through now, Acosta and Kaya both came forward for Wardley massive but Ramirez had a superb game in defence and tackled everything in the last 30 minutes, Papaleo played a ball forward but Andreasson put it out for a corner and from that corner Miku crossed it in and Papaleo headed in to end this as a contest.


    Goals: Grecu (39) Pietropaolo (66) Miku (71) Papaleo (83) MOTM: Ramirez.

    Injury Report: Stuart 2 Days, Michu 6 Days. 20 reds will go but on a night like this... Who cares!

    Team Talk: This is unbelievable... Who would of thought we make it to a RR Cup final since the dawn of the RR Cup 4 seasons ago? We found our game in the last 25 minutes when we looked like were heading through the exit door. This shows us that sometimes the teams character can tell when we fell behind. The other game was buducnost 2-1 fenerbahce... so we play buducnost in the final as they won 4-3 on aggregate. The 2 L19 teams have beaten the 2 L20 teams to reach the final!!!
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    Drew 1vs1 against EQFA... no chance of winning the league, Wat is now too far. Shame i beated him 2 times

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    Won the first leg of my CL semi 5-1, away, over 'REAL MADRID' 2nd leg tomorrow. I feel fairly confident about that. The other side of the draw has a tough opponent for me. A team stronger in every way to my squad. Can only do my best I guess. We'll see how much tactics actually play a part.

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    *Bosh!* 2-1 home win after 3-2 away defeat gives Mercury's boys a cup final, by the narrowest of margins our best ever cup run continues!
    And a 5 point lead with only 4 matches remaining makes us look good for the league, but it's not over until the fat lady sings so there's no room for complacency.

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    London, England

    LEAGUE. Round 22. LONDON CITY (82.4) v RAMLA AC (82.5)

    Result: LONDON 1-0 RAMLA
    Goals: Yashin 2
    M.o.M: Mads Fiksdal

    Another tense win for us today, that just about keeps us in contention. Percy Robins set up Oleg Yashin to grab us a dream start after just a couple of minutes. From then on, it was a stalemate with neither side being able to force another goal. Emilio Santos saw red after his second yellow of the match, on 82 minutes. After both the top two suffered 0-1 losses, we are still in 5th place, but now 5pts behind the new leaders.

    CITY: Miklosko, Haller, Fiksdal, Whyte, Watts, Andersson, Santos, Duggan, Daniels, Yashin, Robins.


    Olympic Stadium...East London

    Season 47...........Manager Level 33

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    Can anyone advise how to set up against 4-3W-1-2 for our c/l semi?
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    I finished season 4 rounds before the end

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