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Thread: Formation and Order guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlTaut View Post
    apart from this game there are far too many other ****ty results. in 13 seasons i saw worst things than this result.... but a guy, after 2 and a half season come here writing guides....
    In real life, we know how football is. There are many surprises. good or bad

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    Generally best used against teams that park the bus and don't play with a lot of attackers.

    It is the best way to score against a defensive team set up as you cannot break through his def the normal way and they do not have enough offensive players to be too much of a problem in giving them a goal scoring chance when you give them possession.

    Forced counter attack is for you to give the other team the ball and when you win the ball back, you get to attack him during the transition when his team and defence is outta position.

    This means that you should only use defensive or normal mentality as you are risking giving him the ball and to steal it back off him to start your attack. There is no point playing attack formation since you do not need the extra attack to go through his outta position defence but the main point is to win the ball back.

    I have won plenty of games 8-0, 9-0 playing counter attack with defensive mentality.

    The prerequisite tho is that you do need a good defence to play it and why I build my squad from the back or if your defence is not good enough, you are just giving the other team the ball for them to score more goals against you.

    The last thing is that when playing counter attack, always use mix passing rather than through the mid or any other type. This is because their team is outta position when you win the ball back and you do not need to go through specific channels to score.

    it works for me, very good job some times people have to read more carefully what you advice them.forgive me for my english .a lot of thanks from Greece
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    message too short
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    I really don't understand the game engine and probability settings for each season. I think the three days used for setting the league games are used by Nordeus programmers to run queries on people that buy coins to upgrade their players and probably people with better team and assign them a low random probability of wining their matches.

    I have better players with five stars for all my players and rate 51.7. Managers with 41, 42, ... 48 rating seems to win me effortlessly. It makes me sick. I realize that some time good team lose again weaker teams in real life as Nordeus says that game was design to simulate. However, losing cup at preliminaries, champion league at playoff's and league position to 9 position is a joke and the loses are for weaker managers with four star rating.

    I am at level seven and has finished all my leagues either first or second apart for a league I did not login to monitor my players because it was Christmas holidays I travelled to the village, I finished 7 position.
    But this season it has been a mess and worst experience since I started playing TopEleven. I am really disappointed. I don't login anymore to watch my team. It is disappointing. I have lost fans coming to watch my games. I used to have 5% stadium capacity at $17 now at $10 I only have 2% fans. It is diabolical.

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