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Thread: Finding quality players

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    Finding quality players

    Hi there!

    I'm new to this game and found this forum very helpfull until now, I read a lot about upgrading and when to buy players and so on, but I still have one more question:

    When you look at players (your own or transfer listed ones) how can you see if it are really potential (very) good players?
    I know you have to look at quality, but how can you see really if they will become good?

    Thx for the advice!


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    You can't really tell how good they'll become but you can see how good they are skill point wise for your appropriate level!

    For example I am level 4 so they players that I would be looking to improve my team would be 5* stars and from skill point wise 35 too 39 and the latter being obviously the better as you've more chance to level the player up to scout which would be 6* stars etc, etc

    When you're looking for players the younger the better as they tend to be better trainers and thus better experience gainers than older players but not always the case but mostly. Some folks seem to think the price of the player also affects players ability to gain experience and hence more skill points to spend!

    I've just entered the 4th level for my team which was close to an overall quality level of 35 and now my aim is to get my team as close to level 40 by the end of the season which would take my team from a 5*star team to a 6* team.

    The of course there's players with special abilities but that's a whole other topic but if you see a good young player with a SA and he's at the top end of the skill point scale then that would be your best bet!

    I'm sure some others could describe it much better than me and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a detailed guide or two about on this forum if you go looking but anyways I hope I maybe helped a little!

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    real maine blues gave some good tips, ill just answered the inanswered questions ;P

    my time (probably the best token saver time) to buy players would be some time around the 2nd weekish. you can easily walk away with 1 token wins, and build your team for the next season

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    I have to end the guide of wage/value per level to see in easy mode the fast trainers per level.... (-.-)'

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    Intuition, something that all good managers have.

    There is considerable opinion that the numbers mean nothing, I have to sit on the fence with this, as when looking for a potential purchase, I always check out the players numbers, particularly how many skill points to next *.

    I then take in consideration the age of the player, general overall fitness, then their primary skills and finally their secondary skills. If you find a player that is fairly balanced in all 3, then it is a good chance he has been managed, and I put this into the process too.

    Then I rely on my luck in judgement, so far, well I am perhaps 65%-35% to the good.

    Oh and I am League / manager lvl 5, so only a junior. ;-)

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    To find auction players, go to transfers tab.

    Very good quality description is 4 stars quality, click the 4 stars by sorting quality. Click a player, then BID.

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