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Thread: Skill point gaining speed

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    Skill point gaining speed

    Hello everyone. I have another question.
    After 2 seasons of struggle, it seems I finally established a high quality and a very young club. But of course I won't last long without occasional transfers. There is one thing I want to know. I have two young players, both of same age, but one is gaining twice as much skill as the other one. I heard people split players into fast and slow learners. I do have a scout quality player now, but he probably won't gain another star before I sell him in 3 seasons...
    1. How can I recognize a fast learner in the transfer market?
    2. Can a slow learner become a fast learner?

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    take a look at their market value. the more expensive the youngen the faster the trainer. of course there are those that are far more expensive than the rest. those players can take at least a few seasons on normal training, and far more when powertraining

    nope, but heres a good part. once a fast trainer always a fast trainer. even though its barely visible former fast trainers will train slightly better than normal players
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    can you put the wage, the value, the quality and age of these 2 players? the slow, and the fast trainer please.
    My rule say that the better trainer is who have Value = x more times the wage.

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    1. Gaining fast skill progress will see your market value, sort the transfers market by market value in descending order.

    2. No, slow trainers are not become fast trainer, they will become slower trainer in every seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    can you put the wage, the value, the quality and age of these 2 players?
    Fast trainer:
    Jasper de Graaf (NED) 120K wage, 4.55M value, 41 quality, 21 years old DMC

    Slow trainer:
    Toni Kroos (GER) 240K wage, 4.23M value, 45 quality, 22 years old MC