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Thread: Road to Success - How to Win the Cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by FC Dacia Terra View Post
    I've won the 5th treble, and surely Im not going to stop untill 10
    me too.
    Just wanna try with a team lower than 7* quality.

    It looks I 'll have an interesting League draw

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    League draw rules are to me a complete black box. My league ranges from 50% to 150% quality, mainly made out of tanking teams (like mine). But with a treble winner too who must be pissed out to have to face both the monster and me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    me too.
    Just wanna try with a team lower than 7* quality.

    It looks I 'll have an interesting League draw

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    Hi nik,

    I dropped my quality lower than 80% on Saturday and I bought more than 10 5* players on Sunday to reach the quality of 90%.

    The cup draw includes many 30-40% teams, but the league draw has equal teams (half of them).

    Have you noticed something similar? When does the league draw take place?


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    Answering to those two posts above:
    League draw is with the maintenance as Cup and CH.L. too (the latest months - 2017).
    Quality affects also the League draw (it's the first priority) but there can be some other parameters, for example

    - "Friendship" : if a week team from your league have a good q team as friend (same level) there is a chance to drug him in your league
    - The grouping of teams with same quality (or lv) sometimes doesn't make "exact" numbers.
    For example a group of +1 lv plus high quality teams of your same lv are 33 teams in CH.L.

    Then you (or some one else) will go down in a lower lv group (of 32 weaker teams).

    The same can happen in Cup or League too
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    Oh nooo...

    I did write a huge posting regarding my latest experience with the reduction of the team's quality at the end of the season but it got closed and is now gone...

    Right now I am angry but I will try to do it some other time.

    The take home message was: it was worth it!
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    Okay, after my whole previous posting was accidentally "deleted" (browser's fault) I calmed down and I'm doing a second try... My feedback will be lot shorter because I did not save my statistics into another file and just put them in here. It did took a lot of time and I will try to focus only on the important stuff. So sorry in advance for my spelling/orthography but I don't want to spend another 45 minutes to write this accordingly.

    Thanks Nik (again^^) for your insights and for sharing your train of thoughts.

    I did decide to try reducing the quality of my best 14 players and I ended with 95%. I stayed with ten strong players of my main formation und only four low quality players remained to reduce the overall strength (average quality of them was 41,25%). Therefore my team had a strength of 75% at the beginning of the current season. Luckily I got a recommended (and also needed and therefore really appreciated) player on the first day in the season. Additionally I've bought a few 18yo fast trainers and I did manage to catch up quite fast at the first day and got already again a strength of 99%. On the second day I bought a few more fast trainers, trained them some new positions and special abilities and pushed the most important players to 100% (to a sum of 102% of my main squad). The outcome was great because I was on the second day only slightly worse in terms of quality than in my last season (I've ended back then with 118% and wanted to stick with my team but therefore got drawed to a really hard league; see below).

    I already stated that it was worth it, but here are some insights and the current outcome regarding my current season (in a shorter version, because my whole statistics are gone unfortunately):

    a) League: Strongest one (right now with an average of 103%); only four teams are between 80% and 90%. Two have around 70% and the rest between 30% and 50%.

    b) Cup: The first time in my career I am the strongest one (at this moment). Three players have 80-90% and three other players 90-100%. The rest should be quite manageable. The most managers are from my same level and only a few are -1.

    c) CL: Only four players do have at this moment between 80% and 90%. But it could change of course. Last season I played in my league with a lot of (obviously) token buyers and they pushed their quality within a day from 105% to 115%. The strongest opponents are from the lower manager league. Most of them are in the same manager league.

    Overall, I am really satisfied with the outcome and hopefully I can achieve the triple crown for the first time. It was definitively worth it but the negative aspect so far is, that I do have a lot of problems to win convincingly against really poor teams. I don't know why this should be an issue but maybe the adjustment of my tactics are wrong for such opponents.

    Lastly: I befriended at the end of the last season I manager who ultimately became second in our league (me: third) and therefore I can catch a glimpse right now what my season could have been looked like when not reducing my strength (by the way, here is my not yet updated thread regarding my experiences with quality token buyers:
    Holy crap, it's again crazy out there!I was grouped with seven of them last season and some of them went really crazy with buying scout players back then at the first day. And it seems that they did it again (as far as I can tell by viewing their teams and comparing them to the last season). To put that whole thing into perspective: The worst player has got 73%. Afterwards we have got four players between 90% and 100%. Then four players between 100% and 110% and the rest does have even more than that. Wow.... I'm really happy to not be again in such of a group. Despite my lacking 15% quality I did achieve to end at the third place last season but it was no fun at all and quite stressful.

    I am sorry but I am too lazy to write everything down again after my browser betrayed me. ^^ I have had put down a lot more statistics and information (before it went into nirvana) but please feel free to ask me whenever you've felt something was unclear or you would like to have some more details regarding a specific topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckStar View Post
    You'r constantlly buying tokens and can't win the cup ? Here's an easy guide on how to do it.

    Ofcourse you could do the same with 5* 35Token squad but it's a bit harder, got to be active in the morning and hunt for good nordgens on day 1/2/3.. this is risky as managers are active and you got the 1st round to play. The results will come always.

    1)You should buy atleast 4 players, 18 y.o-lowest quality possible(3Stars with 0 or 5 ending)
    -Keep them as reserves,you can train them if you'r bored and want to get them multiple positions..

    2)Day 27-28:Must have a team of 14 players !!!
    Sell the players you won't be using next season- Only leave the ones you really want to use on next season.

    3)Day1:Buy new players to fill up your team with new and strong players.

    4)Sit back and have fun.

    Img guide:
    DAY 28:

    DAY 1: (After 1 season)

    DAY 1: (After 2 seasons)

    1st season i had to buy more 3* players because it wasnt so easy to lower the quaty as i wanted.

    2nd Season i sold 2 of the 3star players, only kept 5... they were already 2 stars, yep.

    3rd Season i only had to keep 4 low quality players, as they were already 1Star.

    More seasons go by, easier the cup gets.. as the players will always remain with low quality.
    this way you'll always have 1* players in the reserves.

    By doing this i managed to win 4 cups in a row (aswell 4 trebles), was easy.. I didn't play against lower level teams but yea.. they were only 1-2 levels higher and not so hard to defeat.
    Not like it used to be a while ago.
    People would say it cost to much.. but it's not. You would spend the same Tokens to train or rebuild your team anyway.
    I've managed to win the those 4 cups(4 trebles) with 2 investmens of 300T for each season.
    Aye.. remember, its only 14 players to make the cup draw ! There's no use to keep 17strong players and 4x 1* ;D You'r cup will be hard and immpossible to win
    excellent post,old but still alot of wisdoms to glean ,thanks

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    Okay, I may be stupid or smth but tell me how the heck Owen and the rest have the same nr of stars in the new season as the last season?

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    It took me 20 seasons to stumble upon this thread D
    Now i know why i never have a cup but 7 leagues and 4 Cl's

    This season am in the semis with a 4:0 advantage before the second leg. Hopefully i will make it this time.

    Many thanks for all your comments. Will be more prepared for the coming season

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    Has something changed ????
    I ended the season at 72% of the overall team quality and in CH.L. I have an opponent that ended the season with a quality of 120-130%. The Cup is all O.K.
    Have there been any changes to the draw or the overall team quality must be below 70/60%?
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